What a delicious battle. FINISH THEM! (The pints of ice cream. Finish the pints of ice cream!)

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  1. I have a few pounds of side meat that can be directly traced back to Americone Dream.

  2. Colbert won when Fallon burst out laughing mid scoop

  3. I can’t wait until all the late night hosts have their own Ben and Jerry’s flavors:

    Conan O’Brian: Red Head Rum Raisin
    Craig Ferguson: Scottish Strawberry Surprise
    David Letterman: Cranky Cookie Dough
    Jay Leno: Vanilla

  4. Remember you guys, the only cure for an ice cream headache is having sex on a motorbike.

  5. You’d think that they would wave named one after O’Brien, because “Ice Cream Conan” is just so obvious.

  6. This sounds like a dirty dream I had once…

  7. mmmmm yummmy…jimmy fallon……errrr….i meant ice cream!

  8. Dennis Miller – Dark Chocolate, starts out sweet ends up bitter

  9. “Your ice cream is like a Jimmy Fallon SNL sketch: halfway through you break down laughing and you can’t finish it.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  10. Salty caramel and fudge-covered potato chips? This might replace my current favorite flavor, Chocolate Macadamia. (Seriously, guys, it is delicious.)

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