Good GOD! What a nightmare! Just to put things into perspective, Congress passed civil rights legislation in 1964 and the first Jurassic Park movie came out in 1993. But apparently, the world has not changed, you cannot feel it in the water. I mean, I know these colors don’t run, but do they have to be such ASSHOLES about it? My favorite part was when they screamed at the children! #swag (Via

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  1. These guys should come to the UK for a spot of afternoon tea


    • Woah.. having now watched the video, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!

    • It was the saddest day of my life as an American when these nutjobs stole the phrase “tea party”. Not only is it tied to an historical event that has no relationship to their causes, it’s one of my favourite activities! I just like sitting around with my friends, eating scones, small sandwiches and cakes while drinking tea! Why have you taken this phrase from me, cruel nutjobs!?

  2. What a bunch of terrorists.

  3. They’re giving a bad name to people who chant “USA! USA! USA!” I happen to be one of those people and this just makes me want to punch every American in the damn face.

  4. This is my nightmare. :(

  5. I… I… have no response to these people other than:

  6. In other news, there is a particularly blue sky today.

  7. “I don’t even care if you think I’m crazy anymore.” -Some Crazy Person

  8. Oh, Orange County. if it weren’t for Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and my girlfriend’s family, I’d say good riddance.

  9. Message to Youtube poster: Hate has been a pretty big part of Orange County for a long time, which is why, aside from the Angels, Orange County sucks.

  10. Here ya go guys. I think we all need this right now. I know I do.

  11. I think I am going to go watch the baby ripping paper video again. Need a palate cleanser, you guys.

  12. “Go back home! Go back home! Go back home!”

    The Chumash Native American Tribe of southern California.

  13. Also, to the girl at the end who said, “Never forget 9/11″, FUUUUUUUUUUCK…..

  14. I could not finish watching that, I am seriously in tears. So awful.

    • Ah, me too. These people are from my state, as well. I’ve never been more glad to be from San Francisco.

      • Seriously. Unfortunately, they still represent us, since people outside of CA tend not to understand NorCal.

        Please stop representing Americans, hatemongers.

        • I find people tend to forget that the whole state isn’t just the Hollywood Liberal Elites and the Gay Agenda of San Francisco since the right really adopted that mantra and drove it hard for years. I always like to remind people our democrat voting margins come out pretty slim since the rest of the state is kind of…. this….


  16. The one time I wish I could yell “FAKE!”

  17. This is near the home of the Richard Nixon. Very appropriate, especially to those who have read Nixonland.

  18. Can anyone find a picture of Audrey Hepburn giving the finger? I think it would be very appropriate right now.

  19. I like how underneath all of the speakers names they clarified for us that they were (Republicans)…

    It’s OK video editor. WE KNOW.

  20. i love the argument that tea party protesters are no different than “left wing” protesters that were around during the Bush years. The main difference would be that the left wing protesters were a mainly a bunch of college students protesting against 2 wars and things like the patriot act, while tea party protesters are grown adults and apparently some elected officials protesting against everyone having an equal opportunity to health care and crazy stuff like this. there is a huge difference.

    • And, you know, the fact that they’re completely unhinged, think basic logic/science is a lesbian/environmentalist/babykiller conspiracy, and think Obama is a fascist but want to set the stage for a 21st century Wiemar Republic with 300 million people.

  21. In my head there is a single counter-protester across the street, holding up a sign saying ‘Backing You Up, You Guys, Peace!” Because that’s all you can really do in the face of this, other than overhaul education and hold the media to higher standards (pffft).

    • That is a group I would sign up for. I would stand there all day to hold up the counter-protest sign. Can somebody make this happen please before the sane people have to give up on America and beg Canada to let us in?

  22. For a bunch of people who won’t shut the fuck up about how great America is, they sure spend a lot of time making it appear otherwise.

  23. Can you believe that someone can actually say “I spent my entire Sunday standing in one place screaming ‘go home’ at everyone that passed by”? Time well spent, message heard, and now everything is better.

    • Yeah, seriously. I wish I had all the time in the world to stand in one place and scream hateful things at people all day. But I don’t, because I’m too busy doing things like working and sleeping and generally not caring about what religion other people choose to worship. And even if I had this much free time, I sure as Hell wouldn’t spend it doing this.

    • To be fair, they were shouting it pretty indistinctly. For two minutes I was wondering what hole they were demanding be closed.

  24. Man, being white is hard.

  25. I was planning on moving to the States later this year for work. I don’t think I want to any more.

    • Please, we are not all like that. Most Americans are NOT like that. Even Republicans, as a whole, are not hateful just for the sake of it. “Why is that asshole yelling mean things at kids?” – my staunchly Republican grandfather (Stop watching Fox news, grandpa). Most of us are great. A lot of us are just like you! Don’t judge us based on some assholes. I’m sure your country has some assholes, too. (Are you British? BNP, duh, winning.) Come to America! It really is (mostly) awesome!

      Just don’t go to Orange County. Ever. For any reason.

      • I live in an often-gross part of Canada, soI know that there are assholes here, too. But this video just depressed me so, so, so, so, so, so much, and that comment was my initial reaction.
        The horrible things those people were yelling are an (extreme) extension of an attitude that I often see coming out of the US from American media like Fox. So even though I know that most Americans aren’t like this, and aren’t like Bill O’Reilly, or Sarah Palin, it’s still scary.

        So I guess that’s another reason for all of you reasonable Americans who aren’t total douchenozzles to dislike the people in the video: they’re making you look bad.

  26. I will take my tea with a splash of milk, some uneducated discrimination and one sugar (‘cus I’m already sweet enough!!!!!!!)

    I’ll see myself out the tea room door…..

  27. This has bummed me the fuck out (and I spent the entire day really excited about a concert. Like dancing around my office.)

    Anyways, the best we can do is step away from this determined to be better people and rise above this ignorant hatefulness. We may not be able to change how narrow-minded, angry, scared people think or behave, but we can do our best to be better people and make some positive impact on the world where they can’t. Maybe something will rub off.

    (that’s my motivational speech for the day. but mostly said for my own benefit. shit that’s fucking depressing)

  28. Ah, I remember their grandparents well.

  29. “Do we have enough flags, guys? I’m not sure if we have enough flags.”

  30. I think Improv Everywhere has outdone themselves this time, you guys.

  31. i grew up in orange county. everyone in my neighbor never cared that my mom covered her hair or that we prayed on friday instead of sunday. hell, my geriatric neighbor used to give me loads of baseball cards for my birthday and although my neighborhood was predominately white, i never really felt like an outsider, despite the fact i was the only kid in 7th grade with a mustache. and then came 9-11. and at first i was surprised by the response. people didn’t seem mad, they just wanted to understand. people who never knew anything about my religion were curious to learn, and when they saw me, they didn’t see a terrorists, they saw their neighbor’s kid whose sister sold them girl scout cookies. but then something happened. i honestly don’t know exactly when it happened, but all that understanding went out the window. and my neighbors didn’t become tea party members or hate mongers, they became silent. and let people like those in this video drown them out.

    • I don’t really want to give this a thumbs up, cos that seems sort of inappropriate. Sorry this horrid tendency has swept over your part of the country. Ugh. I hope you’ve got good friends about who do speak up, out, and with you.

    • This is horrible. I’m so sorry to know that there are people who will let their fear and ignorance override the first-hand knowledge they have of an individual. I really hope it gets better.

  32. Never have I wanted to crush tiny heads in my computer screen more.

  33. Ugh. I just woke up from a nap … FOR THIS?

  34. One day this will be used as documentary footage to show people what it was like before everyone was treated equal. When they discuss how Martin Luther King among others helped find equality for African Americans, they will then move onto how society came to accept Islamic Americans, gay Americans, transgender Americans, any American. This will make people wince as they look back and say “Is that how my ancestors were? I’m so ashamed.”

    I mean, this has to happen right? Society has to progress and evolve and not just stagnate in a pond of religious, homophobic, racist hatred. It has to progress. It happened once before, it has to happen again right?

  35. I feel like I need more information. Honest to god I am NOT defending these people, but they can’t just be protesting these people being Muslim, right? That doesn’t just happen… right?

    • So the protesters were ostensibly there not to protest Muslims in general but the organization sponsoring the event, the Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA (ICNA). I know nothing about this organization, but I would assume the burden of proving that they have terrorist affiliations would be on the protesters. And arguments along the lines of “Go home,” “Eat sand,” and “Never forget 9/11″ are not going a long way to convince me.

  36. Man, glad I live in Louisiana and not the OC. Ack! I live in Louisiana! Oh well, Mardi Gras, whew.

    In my twenties, I moved from Louisiana to SF thinking, “OMG, I’m gonna live in the coolest, hippest, progressivest (remember, I’m from Louisiana so don’t know how to spell things) place ever.” And then I met a bunch of conservative, right-wing nut jobs at my first job. Bummer, dude! Back in Louisiana now. Also bummer. True story.

  37. “It’s Orange County, Jake.”

  38. I say we should ship all of the TPers and assholes off to Alaska, let them secede and form their own nation-state under God or whatever. See how well they do without help from ANY OTHER NATION ON THE PLANET EARTH.
    Just please, for the love of god, don’t give them nuclear weapons…

  39. The high water mark is really 4:27

  40. I usually leave these sorts of thoughts in my head and try and be reasonable and and compassionate, but all these people shouting “Go back home!” should literally eat shit and die.

  41. does your garden variety christian (who they people aren’t? I hope? my parents usually spend their weekends watching NCIS reruns) know that muslims worship the same god they do? I don’t mean that they’re both practicing the same outdated ritual, but they are literally worshipping the SAME GUY. the religions just disagree on which prophet has a bigger dick and which men wearing dresses get to make the laws and whether slavery is totally cool or only sort of cool. KINDA SEEMS LIKE THEY DON’T.

  42. That made me sick. I cried actual tears. Bah humbug. Do they do this kind of shit in Canada? Can I move there?

  43. I still don’t know if I’m supposed to ‘like’ the YouTube video for exposing this scum or ‘dislike’ to show I disapprove of their behavior. Stupid internet.

  44. I wish people would show up at these things and wave Counter-Arguement Protest Signs around

    For this one I would be immensely heartened (a word? Maybe?) by a great big sign that said:
    US Constitution – 1st Amendment
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

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