Move over and SHUT UP, iPad 2. There is a new gadgets story that has the net abuzz: the release of the Bill Cosby app. Hahahahahh. What? Why does Bill Cosby have a smart phone application? I’ve posted a video after the jump of the man himself “explaining” it but do not expect to find ANY answers. He mostly just sits on a couch and sounds like my grandfather (whom I love very much, but who has equally little use for his own smart phone application). I guess you CAN use it to find out when Bill Cosby is coming to perform in your town, which is just the kind of information that kids these days want. I’m assuming it also has nutritional information about Pudding Pops and pudding-based recipes. Neat. (Hey, remember when Bill Cosby raped that lady?) Check it out, tweenz:


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  1. You guys, I’m worried about Bill Cosby.

  2. Bill Cosby iPhone apps say the darndest things.

  3. When you shake your phone it yells Vanesssaaaaa!

  4. Finally! Now I have something to talk about during date nights.

  5. I bet this app comes with a cool game where you try to knock down large piles of colorful sweaters by flinging angry cans of Coke at them. Filth, flarn, flarn, filth.

  6. i’m left more confused by this video after watching it than i was before (also, what is an apt?)

  7. “I asked my father for five hundred dollars for an iPad, he told me how he killed a grizzly bear with his loose-leaf notebook.” – Bill Cosby in 2011

  8. Off topic…Malin Akerman looks UGLY as fuck in that trailer for “happythankyoumoreplease”

  9. FINALLY! An app that will tell these black youths to pull up their pants!

  10. Why does he keep calling it an “apt”?

  11. In a related story, Charlie Sheen has released an app which sends text messages to all of your friends telling them that they are assholes.

  12. The Bill Cosby app starts out really funny and poignant, but eventually just starts rambling on and on about pulling your pants up.

  13. But still, Bill Cosby’s favorite app remains Doodlejump. I think he just likes saying it.

  14. Because the kids, with their mobile applications and cellular technologies and the hippin and the hoppin.

  15. i feel like we need a Pudding Pop App…

  16. “Attorneys for Cosby say the comedian gave the woman Benadryl after she complained of stress and sleeping problems.” Good place to identify his profession. awesome writing. awesome journalism. and also Benadryl? Man, so I spent my entire childhood basically on date-rape-rape drugs? (thanks allergy shots, I’m freeeeeeee!)

  17. Who would win in a gibberish-off? Cos, Charlie Sheen or Gaddafi?

  18. I’m glad to see that Tim & Eric are branching out into directing promotional videos for apps.

  19. Downloaded the App, first launch froze my phone, rebooted it, then on the second launch it crashed the phone again.

    Uninstalled, and deleted. Sorry Bill

  20. “One less well known function of the app may turn out to be its greatest feature: it searches television schedules for airings of Leonard Part 6 and Ghost Dad and automatically blocks those channels at the appropriate time.”–Walt Mossberg.

  21. I think it’s awesome that Happythanyoumoreplease is advertising on a site that will, in short order, nominate it for “Hunt for the worst movie of all time”.

  22. The premium feature is that it lets you gps locate your grandfather/fathers who get lost in the mall and don’t hear their phone to pick it up. Just follow the noise of Cosby’s “Tweeedlee Deeldedede” until you track them down

  23. I’d prefer a Bill Cosby-Bukowski app, but this looks like less of a disaster than the Bill Cosby Fart Machine. Comedydeathraygum!

  24. Please tell me this app is somehow related to Picture Pages.

  25. I hope it comes with an image editing feature that allows you to make everyone’s eyes as wonky as Bill’s.

  26. They only thing I learned from this video is that Bill Cosby has a big ass fireplace.

  27. At least he admits that he is stil TRYING to entertain. From the looks of it he gave up a long time ago.

  28. At long last a place for all my House of Cosbys soundbites.

  29. No lie, I actually chuckled at “hurt your face and body… parts.”

  30. I’m awaiting a Lenny Henry app please Mr Jobs?


  31. So if we get this app, Bill Cosby will “tweet [us] better than anybody’s ever tweeted [me]” and he will “hurt [our] face and body parts”?!? It sounds like if we download this app then Bill Cosby will drug us with Benadryl and sexually assault us!

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