I’m just going to leave this here. I’ll be just in the next room, but I will be wearing headphones.

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  1. You sure they weren’t fined for screening a Tyler Perry movie?

  2. That’s recess.

  3. Why Did I Get Fined?

  4. Oh, fine, shout at Madea all you want, but if you yell at Tyler Perry when he is administering justice in my Star Trek reboot, well, phasers on stun, bitches!

  5. I guarantee that Tyler Perry stereotypes black people far more than that theater employee. #opiniongum

  6. I can’t decide if Bing is being racist or redundant.

  7. Outrage. That’s like telling white people not to sip their pinot too loudly during a Julianne Moore movie.

  8. The stereotype is accurate. Nonstop commentary. I’ll always remember the time I saw Hellraiser II. It was 1988, the theater was in Oakland, CA, and when the scene came on from the pic below the entire audience yelled out “THAT BITCH GOT NO SKIN!!!!”

    • No joke, I had a Hellraiser marathon on Saturday. With myself. In my pajamas. Got all the way to Bloodline before I realized that I should have stopped with Hellbound.

  9. I took a class in college called “Race, Gender and Media,” which was taught by a black male professor. This was the only class I took with a good friend of mine, and she and this professor would fight constantly over this kind of stuff. It would go something like this – the professor would try to make (terrible) arguments in defense of shitty things (like Tyler Perry movies!), and my friend would argue every point with him. We had to keep journals for class, and hers was filled with things like “why I think Moesha is a bullshit show.” The professor actually gave her all As for her journal entries, though.

    I have no point in telling you this other than I wish that I were in that class right now, discussing this and Tyler Perry movies.

  10. i’m sure gabe is wearing his apple headphones. you know, because they’re white.


  12. Can one be fined for having sex, or the very least, receive fellatio from a whore in a movie theatre?

  13. I grew up in Dover, DE where this incident happened, and I still go see movies when I am home visiting my parents… I can totally see the people running the theater as racists, unfortunately.

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