LADIES! DON’T ALL RUSH THE MOVIE THEATER AT ONCE! Obviously, this looks great. Like, really really great. My only question is: HOW WILL IT END WHO WILL GET THE MANNNNN? Just kidding. Oof. I think my favorite part about these incessantly derivative romantic comedies is how hilariously bland all of the names are getting. It is always, like, Someone’s Here. Or: Give It A Minute. Or: Hands Off the Merchandise. I also like how it is always a woman’s most towering achievement to find the courage deep within herself to tell her selfish, overbearing nightmare of a friend “no” about some stupid thing. Congrats, ladies. You are doing great!

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  1. What’s that? Kate Hudson in a romantic comedy? It MUST be good!

  2. I’m confused. Is John Krasinski the sassy gay best friend?

  3. GUYS, I FOUND THE BLACK PEOPLE! What do I win?!

  4. Hey, if anyone reading this happens to be in the process of inventing a time machine, do me a favor? On your way back to kill Hitler, make a quick stop in the late 1980′s to convince Nora Ephron to do anything else with her life BUT inventing the modern romantic comedy? ‘Kay? Thanks.

    • Hammer, I just got back from the past in my Delorian, and I killed a guy named Hitler (you don’t know him but, TRUST ME). on my way back, i stopped in the 80′s for this other thing, and that’s done too.. but now i logged back on to what use to be called VideoGum, what you now know as CharlieSheengum, and the back to back blog coverage of Charlie Sheen now goes unmolested by anything else whatsoever.

      So mission accomplished, hammer is my cock. Way to think 4th dimensionally!

      • Thank you Head Pants! I’m not really sure what you did, or who this “Hitler” guy is, but something tells me that your actions in the past have made the world here in the present a better place to live.

        And if she was here right now, I’m sure that President Snooki would agree.

  5. I’m starting to think that Kate Hudson’s agent really hates her.

  6. I can’t wait for the sequel.

    This summer, a young woman fresh to the big city tries to juggle her new job, new friends, and the burgeoning love she has for a puppet with an eating disorder. Katherine Heigl and Huckabeast star in, Something Blue.

    • This is actually a chick lit, yuck, novel and there is a sequel called Something Blue, stop with your demon magic David Blaine

      • In the third novel, ‘Something Old’, she sleeps with Kate Hudson’s character’s grandfather to get back at her. I hope that role goes to Larry King when they make the movie version.

    • Oh God here I go, actually the sequel Something Blue involves Darcy moving to London to have a baby.

    • There ought to be a prequel. The young woman of Something Blue recalls her time in another big city where she struck up an unlikely friendship with a cranky blogger who lived with his happy dog.

      Called Something Old obviously.

  7. I’m at work, so I watched this with the sound off. So obviously this movie looks brilliant.

    Good thing I have Fandango bookmarked on my computer.

    • I turned my sound up to watch this and couldn’t figure out why everything sounded so weird till I realized my itunes playlist hadn’t ended and Peter Gabriel was crooning in the background.


  9. Let’s hope that the “something blue” is the balls of every man in America who takes his girlfriend to see this movie in the hopes of it getting him laid.

  10. Can I borrow a feeling (of revulsion)?

  11. kate hudson was so great* in bride wars that she just had to be in another wedding movie!


  12. I think the title is understating just how much of this movie is ‘borrowed’.

  13. I’m going to name my version of this movie “Girls Being Assholes To Each Other” and it is going to be LOL so hilarious true to life!

    • Girls hate their friends. It’s true.

      • yeah. this is what i was going to comment basically. i don’t understand why i would want to see this. my BFF is awesome, and would do anything for me. if i liked a guy she wouldn’t say “ask me out instead!” she’d say, “ask him out” and then jokingly tell me that i’m a wuss if i don’t. or! she’d explain that if he isn’t interested it’s because he’s an idiot, and i should move on. etc.

        tl;dr- fuck these chick movies.

    • I really hate the trope in bad movies where someone storms out of a bar/party and someone runs after that person to just “make sure she’s OK.” It is the falsest because if someone every did storm out of a bar, people would laugh and think “How did a 15-year old get in this bar?”
      Also, the “just making sure she’s OK” bit is a cheap, lazy way for a screenwriter to make a character seem nice.

  14. I read the book, which was awful. I watched this trailer, which was awful. I will probably go see this movie.

    • can i borrow the book is it the same title how many copies do you think my library has how often does the main character think in italics no time for punctuation too many questions

  15. I just told 5 girlfriends “NO” today so I’m totes obvs their target audience and omgIcan’twaaaaaaait.

  16. So, women actually go to these movies?

    • I mean, I’m just saying, the recent movie dates that I have gone on with a lady friend have been Inception, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Black Swan, Piranha 3-D, Kick-Ass… No dumb rom coms. Uh, WINNING.

    • Yes, they have to eat chocolate during it too because of romcom rules of course

    • i’m a completely braindead dumbdumb and i definitely go to these movies, perpetuating the cycle of terrible movies. they comfort me with their consistently bad dialogue, specious character motivations, and stylish colored trench coats. if it makes you feel better, i typically talk through them the entire time.

  17. Ladies, are you ever amazed by how one minute you can be watching something intellectual and artistic and really loving it. Then the next minute you’re enjoying total shit like this?

    I’m always amazed about how I am literally entertained by almost anything.

  18. Here is what I hate most about Kate Hudson. Aside from the fact that she is so forced upon us by her famous parents, her lack of talent, her poor choices in roles, and the fact that she contributes so heavilty to a genre that is consistently derailing any progress that women have made in proving that they are not 100% obsessed with weddings and dudez, it is this: She talks/cries/screams with her mouth full in EVERY FUCKING MOVIE SHE HAS EVER BEEN IN. It is how she emotes, I guess? Please, someone who is smarter than me, please make a mash up of Kate Hudson talking with her mouth full. But seriously, Kate Hudson, you have no table manners and it is disgusting. Close your goddamn mouth.

  19. I’m assuming there will be an almost identical scene in this movie:

  20. My anger stems from for me and every other guy who had a huge crush on her after Almost Famous… only realizing afterward — and being reminded constantly — that we were horribly misled and lied to…

  21. “Why do you let Darcy win?”

    “‘Cus that’s what Darcy always does. She wins!”

    I think I know who wrote this movie…bro.

  22. My girlfriend is gonna love this movie. Here is the math involved…

    margie from Big Love + Jim Halpert + chick flick plot = my girlfriend is gonna love this movie

    • im not super good with numbers or anything, but i thinnnnk the equation is margene+jim+weddings=are you not seeing this with me because weddings scare you? where is this relationship going?

  23. look, i’m already 26 years old, so i know i’m going to have to start dating 55-year-olds who have bad enough eyesight that they cant see how gross and wrinkly and old i am and then ill force them to have a kid with me because of how little i have in my life and then i’ll get super involved in autism charities not that there’s anything wrong with my son, im just very philanthropic and my old husband ignores me and my own child screams whenever he’s hugged and god it is just so cold in here is someone messing with the thermostat, but if any of you bitches beats me to the altar i hope you fucking drown. DO NOT STEAL MY WEDDING COLORS, I TOLD YOU THEM IN CONFIDENCE.

  24. Let’s have a Movie Title Bland-a-Thon (must contain the word you and/or me and/or us and/or they):

    Anyone But You
    What’s In It For Me?
    …And They Said It Wouldn’t Last
    We Were Maid for Each Other (imagine the possibilities with THAT one!)

  25. I hope the next line after “You’re 30, you can’t afford to be picky,” was “Go fuck yourself.”

  26. I think only one thing could make me hate this movie any more: a “Remember Me”-esque 9/11 ending.

  27. I think they just turned the Hillary character into a guy.

  28. I am so going to watch this on HBO next fall with a bottle of wine and a bunch of tissues because I’m totes over 30.

  29. I think I actually want to see this.

  30. OMG you’re THIRTY!1? Pick out your plot at the local cemetery right now!

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