All of these interviews are great and full of some very IMDB Memorable Quotes, but how has no one asked him where he gets his ideas? ENOUGH WITH THE SOFTBALLS!

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  1. Wait, is there something going on with Charlie Sheen?

  2. So I’m reading this, quote by quote, and I’m all, “Haha, what a chump, what a putz, what a royal douche, let’s all laugh at the pathetic clown” etc.

    Then I come to:

    “On his net worth: ‘I think I’m worth over $1 billion but that’s just on a cellular level.’”

    And now I’m sad.

  3. I’m available 24/7. Literally.I also do Bar Mitzvahs

  4. I have a bad case of Charlie Sheen fatigue, over here. #firstworldproblems

  5. This made me totes blush: “Of course he did. Mel’s a rock star. I love him. […] I’m a huge fan and he’s a beautiful man.”

  6. Oh, enough Charlie Sheen already.

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