The lovable Community character Magnitude is now on Twitter. Sample Tweet: “POP POP!” And also: “POP POP!”

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  1. In some parts of the country, he says “SODA SODA!”

  2. Twitter? What’s the deal with Twitter? It definitely not am battle tested bayonets.

  3. POP POP! RT@leonard_GDC: @magnitude_GDC PBBBBT!

  4. my mind was sufficiently blown yesterday:

  5. This guy looks too young to be a Pop Pop.

  6. In a shocking case of racial profiling Magnitude has since been arrested in connection with the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

  7. Yo, Magnitude! What sound does bubble wrap make?

  8. I taught a baby to say “Pop Pop” the other day. Then I renamed her Mini-tude.

  9. I was pretty upset when I checked comments and they weren’t all “Pop! Pop!”

  10. As a grammar nerd, I love this feed for showcasing the power of punctuation. Jubilant: “POP! POP!”; pensive: “…Pop!”; despondent: “pop… pop…”.

  11. Holy shit. They’re ALL on Twitter… Now I have to follow a dozen fictional people because I am a nerd.

  12. In totally related news, Community is going to do another paintball/Modern Warfare episode. An hour long paintball conspiracy finale? POP POP!

  13. …And Sawyer from Lost is going to be on it!

  14. I hear he’s up for a role in the new ‘Rice Krispies’ movie. Not sure who he’s going to play though…

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