He could teach me how to shave and at the barbecue we could play catch. When he would get home from work I would run to the door and throw my arms around him and sometimes he would hug me back and sometimes he would politely remove me and say that he needed a drink first. One day he would awkwardly sit me down and start to talk about sex but I would tell him that I already knew all that stuff and he would let out a sigh of relief and say “oh, thank God” and hurry out of the room and we would never talk about it again, although later in life, when we were both adults, at a restaurant or something, he might nudge me with his elbow if a beautiful woman walked in and we’d look at each other and he’d wink and it would be kind of gross but also charming, like, sure, Dad, totally. When he and my mom would get divorced, I would pity him, and I would never particularly like the woman he remarries, but by that point I will be old enough that it won’t matter. He would like to eat ice cream while watching the evening news. He would smell faintly of cigars even though to the best of my knowledge I never ever saw him smoke one. And the dancing. Always the dancing. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. I’m not sure what this guy has to do with Charlie Sheen, but I’m sure we’ll think of something.

  2. Real & Straight

  3. “That’s great Granpda, but it still doesn’t explain my question. Where DO babies come from?”

  4. Sadly, Gabe’s real father died in the Crimean War.

  5. They must be crazy rich. They have TWO KINDS of TVs in one room!

  6. Ha the little kid doesn’t even give a shit, he’s like, alright grandpa you’re in front of the TV

  7. you’re funny.

  8. “My electronic bugaboo is OFF of the HOOK!” – Dads everywhere.

  9. He’s not their dad, just the hired birthday party entertainment.

  10. I first started watching this without sound, and it was already amazing. But then I put headphones on, and somehow the fact that hes losing his shit (and slipper?) to house music made it 100x better.

  11. The first rule any good dancer knows: you always dance better in socks.

  12. I wish that guys was my videogum guest editor.

  13. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH! This this muthafucka kick off his shoes? HAHAHA

  14. I sort of forget sometimes how surgically precise Gabe can be about things near and dear to us, whether it’s relationships to fathers or being a 20something or irrational rage about Gwenyth Paltrow. thanks for reminding us

  15. I think it’s cool that this guy wants to learn Thom Yorke’s moves from the Lotus Flower video.

  16. Step Up To the Doilies.

  17. I don’t care! I’m re-posting this. Go Grandpa!

  18. More proof that everyone else is having more fun than I am.

  19. Oh, man! This makes me so happy. We should all enjoy ourselves so much while dancing to house music in our living rooms in front of our toddlers. It’s like they always say — dance like roughly 453 000 people are watching!

  20. He was building up static electricity in his socks. If that video would have went 10 seconds longer you would have seen somebody get the shit shocked out of them.

  21. This is every dad. Every dad does this dance once for every child so that they stop being geniuses and start being normal babies.

  22. Little dude on the ground is like, “I just can’t right now because i’m doing surgery on the dog”. and grandpa is like “i’ma kick your head off”. and it is this way every weekend.

  23. Yes please dancegum! I was surprised by how much I loved this.

  24. I knew pretty early on in this video that this guys dance routine wasn’t going to involve any backflips.

  25. I wish someone would edit this to Pony.

  26. Ha ha !! it is a bit funny….

  27. I wish I had a dad like him…
    Skinny Fiber

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