Aren’t you guys SOOOO tired after last night’s The Oscars? It’s crazy how exhausted you can feel after all that ADRENALINE leaves your system. This guy knows what I’m talking about. He won the Moon Man for Sexiest Nap!

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  1. Was that cat watching the Academy Awards or something?

  2. Wait, the Oscars were last night? Did Charlie Sheen win anything?

  3. He realises his girlfriend is a cuddly toy, right? RIGHT?!?

  4. This cat looked just like me after the Oscars last night: naked, sleeping next to a Hello Kitty doll, barrette in hair.

  5. looks like he wore himself out updating wikipedia

  6. He’s tired from typing every word he knows.

  7. “Oh God….. we didn’t…… did we? Ugh. I shouldn’t have taken all that Nip at the Oscar party. What’s your name again? It was Janet, right?”

  8. Looks like he has the diabeetus.

  9. This cat definitely gets nominated for the “Cat that Looks Like Ron Swanson” award.

  10. so THAT’s what Wilford Brimley has been doing….

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