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  1. Ke$ha feat. Lexy & Stephany would be the most statistically average song ever.

  2. You’re telling me you WOULDN’T lick a unicorn?

  3. Is it possible for your ears to barf, because I think mine just did.

  4. Someone just won an award!

  5. Wait? She’s tainted the Beek?! WHAT ELSE WILL YOU DESTROY YOU HARLOT???

    • Fun fact:

      I was behind Mr. Der Beek in the line at the Trader Joe’s the other day, and he is hands-down the most handsome man I have ever seen IRL. And I am a dude and not gay.

      And the redhead with him (girlfriend?), well let’s just say that Steve Winwood would definitely say “she’s pretty”. I mean, WOW.

  6. Boo! The moderation system ate my comment.

    Anyway, the answer is Yes.

  7. It says that no Mythological creatures were harmed in the filming of this video, and yet last week she came to my apartment and dropped off a garbage bag full of dead Chimeras, a briefcase full of $50,000 and a note that said, “You know what to do.”

  8. At least she is naming her songs appropriately. Now I don’t even have to listen to it.

  9. It’s James Van Der Beek, vs. Ke$ha, in a knock-down, drag out, “who can look sillier in a pathetic attempt to hold on to fading cultural relevancy”-off.



    Poor Dawson.

  11. You think she could at least take a shower or something before coming to the music video set.

    I can smell her from here.

  12. This song blows.

  13. “This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”


  14. Why Dawson? Why?

  15. Ke$ha, you have ’til the count of zero to apologize to everyone!

  16. Listen, I’m happy that James Van Der Beek is getting work but-

  17. Pretty sure I just contracted HPV by watching that video.

  18. Who made the “Ke-dollarsign-Ha” joke first?! Glee or This Video?!

  19. Also, the opening lyrics of this song are “Backdoor cracked.”
    Just putting that out there.

  20. Not available in my region. Thank you Sony!

  21. i thought we were calling her “rapper Ke and dollar sign ha” now…?

  22. OK, one more comment: I desperately want to make a GIF of 2:03-2:05 but GIFSoup isn’t letting me because the video’s not embeddable. Someone wanna help me out?

  23. I started watching this video b/c I hadn’t heard the song and my friends said, “It is clearly about coke, Ke-money-ha is gross.”

    I didn’t realize it was six minutes of repeating “blow”, inter-cut with dialogue written by a brain dead tenth grader.

    Libyans will be glad to know we know have a video definition of the word “BAAAAAARF”.

  24. Somehow the fact that ‘sexting’, ‘buttload’ and ‘jazz hands’ are all now officially in the OED leads me to believe that Ke$ha is going to be around for a while. #2012

  25. If my soul and will to live count as mythical creatures, that disclaimer needs revision.

  26. I thought this case was rested a long time ago. This girl will always be the worst.

    I wish youtube had two counters. One for regular watching of videos and one for hate-watching them. I don’t want to add to the number of views this video gets.

  27. How is she the worst? Who doesn’t love Rainbow La$$er Gun$????

  28. Okay I liked the video. I did. I’m sorry, but I did. I like gun shoes. I like terrrrible dialogue. I like finger guns. I like laser fights. I like her face at the end, I think it’s funny. I like Van Der Dead.
    This is not my favorite Ke$ha song though; it’s actually pretty shitty.

    Okay confession, I’m 18 and I’m in college and I’m a girl and I to put glitter on my eyez and I like when boys blow up my phone phone and I like to yell these songs with my friends at parties.


    • This video could actually kill mythological creatures, and I would still love it for the image of Dawson defiantly removing his bra. Someone please gif that.

  29. huzzah! made it to 1:14! a new personal record !

  30. the part where they both took off their bras… was that a reference to the Kevin Nealon/ Heather Locklear SNL skit? because it felt like it. or it’s a rip off. anyone? bueller?

  31. This ain’t blow!- Charlie Sheen

  32. Dance party pants are much more fun than grumpy-hater pants. Try them on sometime, everyone.

  33. Ke$ha wouldn’t last a day on the Creek.

  34. Complainant: House Music

    Defendant: Ke$ha

    Verdict for complainant; ordered all of House Music’s hoover sounds, tinny synth lines and pitch shifted vocals to be returned immediately.

  35. I didn’t think it was that bad.


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