“Will [Arnett, Amy's husband] and Amy like to pretend they’re us. We don’t think it’s very funny, but they think it’s hilarious,” and other gems.

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  1. Poehler parents? I hardly know ‘em!

  2. What about least favorite?
    BILL: I guess the one-legged hyperactive farting girl.

    nice choice

  3. Martin Sheen: “Goddammit. I was supporting and nurturing too. What the fuck?”

  4. This has NOTHING on my future parent interview when I’m famous. It will include gems like:

    VICKY: When she was born my first words were, “She’s kind of ugly.” It got a little better.

    WOODY: She did look like a combination between Tweety Bird and ET….

    • My dad’s name is Woody too!

      • Someone else who understands the annoying snicker people have when I tell them my dad’s name!

        • Ok, story time. In high school, my friends referred to my dad as “Big Wood” (HAHAHAHAHAH HILARIOUS, RIGHT?!). Well, dear old dad was career National Guard, and at some point was promoted to Colonel. So, in the NG, you’re issued a license plate with a number on it which corresponds with how high up you are in the chain of command. Well, when Dad got promoted, he got a new license plate with the number 69. It was unbelievably traumatic when he showed up to pick me up the first day he had that license plate.

          BTW, that’s your AOL screen name: BigWood69.

  5. Is there an address where we can send gifts to Amy Poehler’s parents? Because I seriously would like to send them an Edible Arrangements bouquet of fruit. And I would splurge and add the chocolate no matter what the up charge. They are awesome and I would like to thank them is what I’m saying.

  6. “At college we wanted her to live on campus. But she decided to live in an apartment, which was more for artsy drama people.”

    Amy Poehler’s parents = all of our parents

  7. It must be hard having real biological parents when you’re so adopted all the time.

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