Your move, HEARTSTRINGS. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Kittens in the background: “Freebird! Whoooo, freebird!”

    No, seriously, they would like a free bird.

  2. Birdie… the war on cats is not going well, because I would catch a grenade for that kitten.

  3. So this cat can get someone to serenade him to sleep but I can’t?

    • Can you look me in the eye and tell me you deserve it as much as this kitten does? That you’re as pure of heart? That watching you fall asleep to the sound of relaxing music will bring joy to as many people as this does?
      Because if you can I will get on a plane right and sing you lullabys.

  4. Needs more GWAR if you ask me.

  5. He’s trying to sleep, but every time he gets close he gets the kick! Poor lil guy.

  6. If you are a person who likes ladies, I highly recommend watching this video in the computer center at a woman’s college. I just did, and it was amazing.

  7. Sorry guys, but sometimes only a gif can express my emotions.


  9. Aw, I love how the kitten keeps doing that little hop to keep itself awake, like kids do when they want to stay up for something.
    “But mom, I’m not tirrrreeedddd.”

  10. Alert the Academy, we have another entry for Best Picture for Sunday.

  11. Tired kitty does a mean Robert De Niro:

  12. I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to live in a world where I didn’t have immediate access to cat videos, were there cat videos before the internet? cat vhs bloopers? HOW DID WE LIVE

  13. Since this was posted by “Sarah Donner,” I choose to believe that this kitten was sent from the future to prevent mankind’s annihilation by the machines, and that somehow being lulled softly to sleep via lullaby is integral to the plan.

  14. Soft Kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur!

  15. Look, I’m just gonna post pictures of my friend’s adorably wonky kitten, Frinkle.

  16. AW I love when the kitty gets closer to the camera.. It’s like it’s trying to snuggle up. sigh.

  17. I bet that kitten wishes those other kittens had some Kitten Mittons to shut them up!

  18. This is clearly just viral marketing for SMILES.

  19. fuck yeah cats that don’t look like Ron Swanson

  20. Jeez lady, tune your guitar.

  21. I have my volume on mute (at work)…but this shit is mad adorable.

  22. I played it loud in front of my cats. Bert howled loudly, and indignantly, I might add, and tried to use his tiny kitty claws to brake through the glass door in order to hide in the shower. His brother Ernie, on the other hand, snored loudly through the whole thing.

    I thought it was sweet.

    Look, I realize I’ve been accused of being unsentimental, but I never thought I would be raising not one but TWO souless demon cats! Twins no less!

    Should I be buying more garlic or something?

  23. “I’m just trying to feel it”

  24. The kitty was just trying to go to sleep, but the television was playing the end credits to JUNO too loudly in the background.

  25. What is Pussy Furry? Sleepy. Pussy Furry is sleepy.

  26. It’s not a very lulling song. Perhaps this cat owner is just a very boring performer.

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