pop_ramblings sent in this link, but frankly I think you guys can do better. So do better.

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  1. Well, this is my favorite Black Swan gif:

  2. Did I do that right?

  3. It’s kind of related? #shrug

  4. Can I do better? If you’re questioning me, then…

  5. C:\Users\Jorn\Downloads\oscar-the-grouch_o_GIFSoup.com (1).gif

  6. Gwyneth is upset everyone forgot that Country Strong was nominated for an oscar.

  7. shamelessly posting this again

  8. I’m a failure.

  9. future best animated short winner:

  10. Can I just say that this is all I ever hoped for? Thank you monsters.

  11. Monsters,

    I’m stressed out of my fucking gourd because it turns out college is hard and I’m sick in bed with a sinus infection and yall just made me laugh genuinely for the first time in 24 hours.
    Never stop being the best people on the internet.


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