If you like it in movies when people use a lot of crude swear words as a stand-in for actual comedy, you’re going to love this!

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  1. Rahm Emanuel was elected Mayor. I’m proud we live in a post-cursing America now.

  2. Why did that cocksucking chicken cross the road? To get to the other motherfuckin’ side, bitch!

  3. Substitute “bad words” for “grumpy words,” and that’s pretty much Videogum.


  4. There was only one word I could conjure after that: Douchenozzle. I’m not certain why. Fun trailer though!

  5. This movie is too dependent on the stereotypical rich substitute teacher.

  6. Remember when Jack Black did this but it was funnier and had a heart?

  7. We’re supposed to dislike this, right? I read the intro to this post, and it seems like we’re supposed to dislike this?

    ‘Cause, um, based on this trailer, I kind of want to see it. Despite its obvious, “starring Cameron Diaz” flaw, I actually REALLY want to see it. Boob jokes! Ballsack jokes! Hungover teacher jokes! What’s-her-name, from ‘The Office’ faceplants in a car! Look, don’t judge me, okay?

  8. Shame on you, Teach!!

  9. I’m glad to see that Cameron Diaz still makes movies because you know, with the economy/recession/depression/whatever – it’s good that she can keep her day job. But that don’t mean I gotta like it!

  10. It’s nice that there are some people out there who can be friends with their exes, even go so far as to work with them. I am not one of those people. I would douse myself in turpentine and set myself on fire before I would utter the phrase “I want to sit on his face” for laughs. Fucker.

  11. Haha. It’s funny because Hollywood thinks Timberlake is naturally comedic.

  12. I will be watching this because my husband Jason Segel is in it and I support him as his wife.

    • I was going to say: ”Hey it’s Jason Segel playing the same character he plays in every movie.”

    • He was certainly the second best part of the trailer for me, even if his character is going a little stale. The best part was the implication that the primary source of plot in the movie was an attractive female actress’s “need” of a boob job. America! Super-size me! There’s Something about Boobs!

  13. Finally, the BAD OCCUPATION TRILOGY is complete. I was starting to think we’d never see the resolution to the story that started in BAD SANTA and continued in BAD LIEUTENANT.

  14. I just became a substitute teacher last week. I hope shit like this happens to me.

  15. Who else is excited for Soft Gabe being played by Timberlake??

  16. she must teach in wisconsin! AMIRITE GUYZ!?

    but seriously…

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