Yes, sure, but what about dogs that look like Duke Silver?

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  1. I am going to adopt all of these cats and we will go build canoes together.

  2. You think I look like WHO?

  3. Rectangle! America! Megaphone! Monday!


  4. You had me at meat tornado.

  5. He likes dogs as much as these cats do

  6. As a well-adjusted single dude with two cats (#ladies), I love this more than most things.

  7. What about actors

    who look like Gabe Delahaye?

  8. Here’s a cat that looks like Joaquin Phoenix

  9. Let’s see… “fuck yeah”? Check. Cats? Check.

    Just making sure this is the internet.

  10. Glad to see Cats That Look Like Wilford Brimley is diversifying the brand a bit. Very healthy economic decision.

  11. Look it’s KITTY PURRY:

  12. Well now my plan for a Tumblr of Toucans that look like Adrian Brody is just going to look derivative.

  13. Dogs that look like Duke Silver?


  15. Well I think it’s safe to say what I’m going to constantly be picturing now when I watch Parks & Rec. YAY!

  16. This is the third result for a google image search for “Duke Silver”:

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