Everyone deserves to love and be loved or whatever, but that lady, whose stomach made that baby, knows that Gary Busey is completely coconuts, right? (And let us not even get into how difficult it can be in this world to find meaningful and reliable father figures even when your father is just a normal man and not this particularly abnormal man. Sorry, baby Luke Busey! You have a long road ahead of you, probably, or maybe not, what do I know, but I have some educated guesses at least and that is one of them!) Everything that comes out of the man’s mouth, even if it is just a SMILE, is bonkers. Now you can be the one whose broken brain comes up with it! (You can also feel free to caption the lady. Or baby Luke. Although I have been sitting here trying to think of an example caption for either of them and the only thing I’ve come up with is “my motivations are completely inscrutable,” and also “I’m a baby!”)

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Image via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. Meet the Butthorns.

  2. “Everyone say TEETH!”

  3. You think this baby is cute, you should have seen the one I just ate.

  4. “Join me and together we will freak the fuck out of everyone in the galaxy.”

  5. Exhibit A.

  6. That baby seems awfully young for having already graduated from the Michele Bachmann School Of Looking At Cameras.

  7. “We are going to eat this baby.”

  8. Gary Busey, reaching for his soul that he believes the photographer has taken.

  9. SMILE – Suppressed Murderous Impulses Long Enough

  10. Gary Busey, trying very hard to appear sane.

  11. He has his mother’s eyes and his father teeth. Oh My God! HE HAS HIS FATHERS TEETH!

  12. “I’m with baby.” -Baby
    I’m with Busey.” -Busey
    “I’m with 2003.” -This joke

  13. Come with me if you want to live.

  14. What’s big, yellow and distracting me from this cute family picture?

    Answer: The balloon next to Gary Busey’s head, but we will also accept Gary Busey’s smile.

  15. “Drinking your own blood is the paradigm of recycling.”

    I’m actually cheating on this caption because that is an ACTUAL thing that Gary Busey ACTUALLY said when not acting in a movie.

  16. Eat your heart out, nobody.

  17. I think the real question is, will Luke grow up to be greater than or less than Jake?

  18. I was surprised to find out that the Luke Busey can already talk:

  19. That baby is already self-conscious (read: terrified) about how much he looks like his father when he smiles.

  20. “Welcome, good sir, to my humble abode. I shall offer you the greatest compliment that can be offered in this or any other universe: the opportunity to consume the sweet, sweet fruit of my loins. Luke has been properly gestated to the height of deliciousness, and if you do not eat at least three- sevenths of his baby flesh, I will take it as the highest insult known to man, modern or Paleolithic.”

  21. “I’d hit that.”
    - thisismynightmare, probably

  22. With these balloons I can fly as high as my daddy

  23. If Gary Busey looks like Nick Nolte fucked a horse, then what’s this kid going to look like?

  24. Oddly enough, a picture taken at the exact same time in Nick Nolte’s backyard:

  25. “Alright, on three; you throw me the sack of money and I throw you the girl and the kid. Nice and smooth now…..”

  26. Putting the “fun” in “dysfunctional family”!

  27. I don’t want to alarm anyone here but I think this woman and the baby she is holding might be insane.

  28. Busey on Board

  29. So… Gary Busey gifs?

    Fuck you, Gary! I play by my own rules!

  30. “On second thoughts, I’ll think I’ll go back with Riley the paleontologist.”
    – Baby Werttrew, meeting her boyfriend’s parents.

  31. Don’t worry, I’m sending that baby some help.

  32. It’s one thing to poke fun at a crazy celebrity. It’s another to pass judgment on that celebrity’s ability to raise their kid.

    I don’t know, guys. It’s a hilarious photo, but maybe we should just let Busey have his moment.

  33. Mommy’s little paycheck. Daddy’s little experiment.

  34. This is Gary Busey’s screen test for Spiderman.

  35. I’m going to tear your endochrine system out of your body

  36. I can’t believe it’s not butter…spray.

  37. YOU! I’ve been looking for you for years!!!


  38. If I could travel back in time, I’d take this picture back with me to my teenage days and use it to replace all the generic photos in the picture frames at Target.

  39. “… your shadow, the dark side. C.G. Hume writes about it, in terms of the fact that every one of us has a dark side. And my dark side, my shadow, my lower companion is now in the back room blowing up balloons for kids’ parties.” -Busey, beating us all to the punch.

  40. meaningful and reliable father figure right here, ladies!

    don’t tase me, bro!

  41. Gary Busey, Hilary Swank, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts had a little swingers orgy sex party because they are narcissists

  42. “Meet this winter’s caretaker here at the Overlook Hotel!”

  43. Gary Busey, starting from scratch.

    Jake Busey: 1971-2011.

  44. There’s No Excuse For Child Abusey

  45. If Jake Busey can get in there, its a depressing version of that Kirk/Michael Douglas movie “It Runs In The Family”

  46. After Cartoon Network cancelled Courage the Cowardly Dog, Freaky Fred decided to settle down and start a family.

  47. “Gary Busey as Vengeance Dad, in Vengeance Dad, the movie”

  48. Isn’t it usually the baby who’s reaching excitedly for the camera and the father who seems disinterested and detached, like he’s thinking about finances or his mistress, in these kinds of photos?

  49. Can’t believe they put a baby in “Surviving the Game 2″ and turned it into a documentary.

  50. Adult baby Busey will treasure this photo when he is older. An image of the simpler times. Before the awkward glances after the various “Bring Your Dad To School Day” disasters. Before the ten hour long “talk” about the birds and the bees his father had given him on his ninth birthday. Before his father had tried to snort cocaine off his sleeping fiancee’s stomach whilst he slept next to her in the bed. Before the crashed wedding reception with his father-in-law screaming “How did he know? You promised me he wouldn’t be here!”

    Before all this. A photo fragment of time. Just a memory.

  51. Gary Busey has a winning smile, the kind of smile that says, “I’m going to bite this kid’s head off as soon as you snap this picture.” I sure do love that Gary Busey!

  52. this is where my arm got stuck the last time i threw the stinky cheese. (rookie of the year joke).

  53. They thought they were going to see Sesame Street. But Gary showed them Hell.

  54. “Do you think Suri Cruise will let me join her ranks in the revolution once she has reached her ‘full potential?’”
    – Baby Busey

    “If I smile like this, will people believe I’m still a normal human rather than a husk controlled by Suri Cruise’s brainwaves? This is totally a classic, toothy smile, right?”
    – Gary Busey

  55. the lyrics to the song “come with me” by ceo are SO fitting for this photo.
    look it up!

  56. Little Umm… Er… Clears Throat, Speaks on Behalf of Big Umm… Er…

  57. Insanity, as it is want to do, invites you to join him via a family portrait of his son’s first birthday.

  58. A donkey face, birthday gifts and a little drummer boy?

  59. Every time I look at Busey in that photo I hear Fezzik’s voice: “I am the Dread Pirate Roberts! I have come for your SOOOUUUULLLLLSSSSS!”

  60. “No, Mr. Busey, you’re not mad at the camera.” -The Photographer

  61. Please help. He says if I try to ever grow up he’s going to “make my skin into shoes so he can go on a vision quest and still feel close to me.”- The Baby

  62. balloons:

    brief afternoon luncheons lounging outside of nature, son.

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