Honestly, the only thing this is missing is that she forgot to ask him where he gets his ideas. Otherwise this is absolutely 100% totally perfect. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. When did J Mascis* join The Edgar Winter Group**?

    *Son of Gabe, ask your parents.
    **Son of Gabe, ask your Mom’s older brother when he gets out on parole.

  2. I’m worried about OWN’s programming, you guys.

  3. I think the two of them would be perfectly comfortable taking a 9 hour road trip together.

  4. I could watch these two talk about baseball caps and fingerless gloves all day.

  5. Looks like he just finished smoking a fat himself.

  6. “Dinosaur Jr”… “Dinosaur Jr”… Not “Dinosaur Jr Period” but “Dinosaur Jr”…

  7. She’s still a better interviewer then Leno.

  8. Once, during my freshman year of college, I was walking through the center of Amherst, between that one coffee shop and that other one that has better sandwiches, when I saw J. Mascis. Walking his dog. Talking to a round-esque ex-rocker type guy wearing a leather jacket and a moustache. I froze, torn between hero worship and not knowing what I’d say if I did decide to introduce myself. I didn’t speak to him, but now I know what I should have said:

    “J? Not J period. J! How can anybody… have a name like J?!?”

    Thanks Maureen!

  9. Lucius Malfoy your sweatshirt isn’t fooling anyone.

  10. He is like a hipster Gandalf.

  11. Aside from it being J Mascus, this looks a lot like that time a bunch of my friends, my friend’s mom, and her boyfriend ate pot brownies and played Risk, talking about pretty much the same stuff. No, wait, J Mascus was there.

  12. Is it me or has Tim and Eric gotten more confusing than funny? Oh, well, its just refreshing to see a post on Videogum about someone over 18.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of pedogum today.

      Maureen still creeps me out though. “How would you say your relationship with me is right now?” CREEPY.

    • Wait so I’m confused. *IS* this a Tim and Eric thing? Because it sort of seems like it might be? This whole thing is making me feel very, very not in on the joke.

  13. What the FUCK is this?

  14. talk about a “freak scene!” AMIRITE!?

  15. Once I saw J Mascis, Matt Johnson and Mark Lanegan on 120 Min. and J was the most talkative and animated of the three of them.

  16. At first I was like

    but then I was like

  17. “Um…you remember…when you…uh…covered “Just Like Heaven”? That was awesome…”

  18. It’s like watching a visit from his court-appointed social worker.

  19. Someone needs to run this entire interview through at least 2 fuzz pedals. Or have it be played off by the last 55 seconds of “Sludgefest”.

  20. Do you think that finding out “Ben”‘s last name will reveal that it’s the nice Glowalski boy from down the street? Are you just too shy to pursue a line of questioning about what J Noperiod thinks about Ben Glowalski’s new lady friend? Real journalism jumps right to the point, Mom. Right. To. The. Point.

    Bad interview, Mom. Not a good interview.

  21. I honeslty don’t know if this makes my Dinosaur Jr. Nike Dunks more cool or less cool.

  22. I wonder if J Mascis will trade lives with me?

  23. Between Two Pink Curtains

  24. That woman is my mother-in-law. Not really…but also kind of really?

  25. Who is this Maureen character that apparently works for Sub Pop?

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