The extended Justin Bieber C.S.I. death sequence is like one of those things that has existed for all of time, we just didn’t know how to see it yet. But now our eyes are open. Forever.

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  1. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason.

  2. What an actor!

    “And I get shot. And I just keep going. And I get shot. And I just keep going.”

  3. Ask and you shall receive an extended Justin Bieber death sequence. Never Say Never, internets!

  4. Hope Juno didnt have a miscarriage during the shoot out sequence that I watched earlier

  5. Esperanza Spalding’s extended death scene was better.

  6. Nice article, Gabe, but it needed like 70 hyperlinks.

    • Looks like our suspect has been hyperlinked…

      With extreme prejudice.


    • i appreciated your excessive use of hyperlinks. at times i have four papers to write and the internet fails me in providing interesting distractions to further prevent me from graduating, but then i came across your hyperlinks and all was saved.

  7. It’s like killing a baby?

  8. the phrase “everything happens for a reason” makes zero sense to me.

    that is all.

    • should i have expounded? and said that i don’t believe in the sentiment because if the reason isn’t given, isn’t defined, then it doesn’t exist as far as i’m concerned.

    • I hate that expression too. I choose to hear it as “everything happens for a reason because of physics,” rather than “everything happens to bring about some predetermined effect” because the latter is nuts.

    • OK…so I actually was having trouble watching the Beiber Death Scene…I mean, whatever, they played the clip on several shows and it was all over the internets…but it still made me cringe.

      ANYWAY: Thanks Head Pants Now for making it all better! ♥

  9. Jesus Jones, he has to weigh like 60 lbs more after all that lead. They’ll need a bulldozer to move the corpse.

  10. It took me a while to realize that this was a mashup with scenes from other movies/tv shows, and I was all “Why is a woman in a bikini shooting Justin Bieber?!” Then I got it, and I felt dumb.

  11. Never bring a Member’s Only jacket to a firefight.

  12. It’s nice to see a mash-up with a purpose, I feel like this mash-up rescues mash-ups from the “mash-ups can be dismissed easily as lazy acts of collection” mash-up graveyard

  13. Am I trying to single-handedly boost the SE ranking of the word “mash-up” for this post?

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