Thom Yorke made a new album? And a music video? And people have already taken that music video and re-edited it to other people’s songs, namely people who do not sound very much at all like Thom Yorke or Radiohead, and put THOSE videos up on-line? And this is all probably old news already? Classic Internet. If you already knew about this then I am sorry. Just kidding. You know what the word sorry means, right? It’s actually a really meaningful and important way to express genuine regret, which is one of the more powerful human emotions and can be very destructive obviously but also can be very useful in terms of keeping society’s moral fabric together. So, no, as far as whether or not you already knew about a couple of YouTubes that I am just finding out about now, I am not “sorry.” (Oof. Sorry? It’s so fun going back to Word School, right? THIS NEW GUEST BLOGGER STINKS!) But, so, right, anyway–SIDENOTE: do you get your sea legs back or do you need to get land legs back after having sea legs? Whichever it is, that is the metaphor I want for today–after the jump, Thom Yorke dancing to Beyonce and also Willow Smith. Obviously.

Thom Yorke dances to “Single Ladies”:

Thom Yorke dances to “Whip My Hair”:

“Could the Internet BE any more Internet today?” — Bandler Ching

Thanks for the tip, thepurplemonk and stephilepsy.

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  1. David Spade’s still got it!

  2. I’ll take Gabe’s bubbliness over jaded bitterness any day. Must’ve been a good week.

    Gabe is especially hard today! That came out wrong. As did that.

    • I was reading all about his vacation on his personal blog, and it sounds like it was a pretty good experience. His tv-star ex-girlfriend broke up with him, so he went on vacation to Hawaii, but accidentally ended up staying at the same hotel where she was staying with her new boyfriend. But it ended up being okay, he made friends with the staff of the resort and ended up hooking up with a cute PR girl who encouraged him to finish his puppet musical he had been working on for years.

  3. Thom Yorke dancing to Willow Smith gives me the equivalent cognitive dissonance of watching Carl Sagan sing Creed covers.

  4. Speaking of inappripriate juxtaposition…where all the Monsters at? This seems to be a record low number of comments.

    • It’s President’s Day. So I can only assume buying automobiles/mattresses.

      • You mean not everybody spends their day off work obsessively reading/commenting on a pop culture blog? Savages!

        • The holiday is the only reason I can comment today! I have to take advantage of not being last to every post to make up for not being all that clever.

      • Oh man, this is why my visiting Japanese friend was asking if places were going to be open today. How does he know American holidays better than I do? I’ve been wondering all morning why some websites weren’t updating…

    • THEY’RE ALL IN BED SLEEPING, those assholes. I passed a high school on my way into work to find it barren, and wondered if it was a snow day or something. Slowly, I narrowed my eyes, and I said, gravely and under my breath, “President’s Day…”.

  5. See? This is what happens when you only make an 8 song album: fans have to pretend other people’s songs are yours.

    • Yes! I like the new record very much, but it is too damn short!

      I am also one of those idiots who shelled out $48 for the double vinyl version. Why does an album clocking in at less than 40 minutes require two records, Thom? Why?

      Those 60-some odd pieces of art better be worth it, Thommy. The world is a small place. I will find you — even if it in means I have to leave my house to do so.

      • In Rainbows was 43 minutes. King of Limbs is 37 minutes. Just a 5 minutes difference.

        The Beatles only released three albums above the 37 min mark. You could list a thousand other examples. Just under 40 is a pretty normal record length.

        Not sure that a few more minutes would have made the jump from $9 download to $48 special edition worth it if it wasn’t already. I ordered the vinyl set because I always love the artwork and it’s a cool collectors item.

        I do think, as with all their releases, there is a fair amount of b-side material coming in the next year.

        • I see (hear?) your point.

          But it is good and I want moar! Moar!

        • I’m with you, Stu. I didn’t actually order the deluxe vinyl this time (did for “In Rainbows”) just because of money circumstances. It’s two 10″ records, right? So probably 2 songs per side at 45rpms (which is pretty regular for the way Radiohead presses their vinyl). It’s cool that it’s clear though!

          And it does sound like a fully realized record to me. I think the consistency of mood throughout the songs makes up for any pre-conceived notions of how many songs an album should be.

  6. Yay! One of my tips got posted! Full disclosure time: thepurplenun made the Willow video with some coworkers for a weekend competition. So she’s super thrilled that this is on V-gum. You made her day, Monsters/Gabe!

  7. MASH UPS! What about Whip My Hair mashes with the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage? Yes? Yes. Whipotage! Total party jam.

  8. James K. Polk/Pull Revolving Doors #radioheadpresidents

  9. OK Computer (The Al Gore Story)

  10. I think it’s about time the Presidents all get together and make this day a mandatory holiday. I hate being the only one stuck at work while all my friends are out daydrinking together. Booo.

  11. Thats a shame.

  12. i worked an event for my local park district this weekend and witnessed teenage girls dancing to ‘whip my hair back and forth’

    it was both hilarious and adorable. who would have thought that headbanging would come back into style. i wonder if heavy metal fans are mad that willow smith stole their dance moves.

  13. Radiohead is overrated. Y/Y?


  14. i won’t downvote you for that.

    i used to love radiohead. i saw them live, and it was an amazing show. then i just stopped listening to them or caring if they made new music. i’ve heard the new song. it’s fine. but the video… ugh.

    i would probably still like the bends and ok computer if i cared enough to find my cds and listen to them.

  15. Thom Yorke looks like if Martin Short and Dave Mustaine had a baby.

  16. This is how I danced to Thom Yorke when I saw him at Coachella. there’s something universal about this.

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