Here we are, the last post before the Monsters’ Ball, and ninjas, I had so much more I wanted to share with you.

Guys, remember how at the end of Schindler’s List Oskar was all like, ”I could have saved one more? If I had sold this pin, this car”? That’s a great scene. I’m sure it’s not at all offensive or trivializing to compare my plight of having so many more links I’d like to post with the real-life horrors of the Holocaust.

But what if I were to post just a bunch of random great links in this one post? It’d be very sloppy. I’ve already tried to stuff way too many links into one day. But yes, I’mma doing it anyway.

This is how ghost riding should be done.

Don’t watch this if you’re claustrophobic or if you find dolls creepy or if you’re not a fan of Pixar.

Corgis: They love treadmills, they love tetherball, they love swings.
Via Buzzfeed

Jumpin’ goat!
Via Urlesque

Cute otter playing!

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  1. Oh no! I won’t be able to see the Monsters’ Ball because the baby otter made my eyes and heart fall out. (Worth it.)

  2. Ummmm guuyyys, “Alma” means “soul”

  3. Wait, this isn’t Monster’s Ball?!

  4. It’s a long weekend here, and until a few minutes ago I didn’t really have any concrete plans for it.

    Werttrew to the rescue, as usual!

  5. When I first looked at he head all I saw was massive dump and I thought to myself “I don’t wan to see this.”

  6. I’m going to be partying all weekend with monsters at the 2ND OFFICIAL L.A. MEETUP! In the meantime, I’m watching Roseanne on Netflix. Thanks for the tip, Soft Gabe. Thanks for the great week Nightmare, Becca, Soft Gabe, Brad, and Werttrew!!!

  7. So if you’re Oskar Schindler (the internet’s Oskar Schindler?!) does that make Gabe our Itzhak Stern?

  8. I think by Massive Link Dump you obviously meant MASSIVE TOILET DUMP LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

  9. I’m pretty new to the site and I’m pretty happy about all the links and all, but I do have one question:
    Will you be around after today, werttrew?

    • I’m also relatively new to the site (commenting-wise) and wertrew is one of the celebrity monsters on videogum. So, in answering your question, yes?! But possibly not in this capacity.

    • Oh sure, I’ll still be commenting. But I won’t be guest blogging again unless Gabe D. were to ask me.

  10. I feel like it’s the internet’s campaign to make me buy a corgi. so cute!

  11. Let me start by saying that I am afraid of your (commentator’s as a whole) witticisms (because such glory I cannot achieve).

    Let me continue by saying that I had a .gif to exemplify that desperation (but tumblr is the worst).

    And, finally, let me say this,” I’ve seen the best and the worst of you and I understand with perfect clarity exactly who you are. You’re a hell of a [blog]. You’re the one [Stereogum].”

  12. Why is that hipster girl dancing with the goat? is that going to be the new “thing” now? I was just getting used to the cheeseburger kittens…

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