Here’s a (much) longer promo for the long-awaited Season 3 premiere of 30 Rock, coming to TVs on October 30. Steve Martin plays a germaphobe! Jennifer Aniston revives her career! This is just going to be a 30 Rock fan blog from now on:

The first episode actually premieres on Hulu on October 23, which sucks. How do you have a Hulu 30 Rock watching party? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m going to, but it’s going to be really awkward and super dorky.

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  1. Dear Lyndsay,
    Use the S-Video output on your computer/laptop to watch the 30 rock premier on a bigger (and less awkward) screen.

    For more in depth instructions:

  2. Ashley  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2008 0


    (Also, fangirls, they’re using that Jack/Liz hand-on-face shot again. They’re taunting us. It’s both terrible and wonderful).

    • kristen  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 0

      can you explain the jack/liz hand on face thing? i guess id be considered a fangirl and i feel so left out that i dont know what you’re talking about!

  3. kushiro  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2008 +2

    I’ll be having a special Canadian Hulu 30 Rock watching party. We’ll drink everytime we see the message “We?re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.”

    I think it’ll be the best party of the year.

  4. I predict Hulu’s servers crashing on the 23rd. “Internet implodes due to record-breaking 30 Rock Hulu premiere parties.”

  5. I request bill murray.

  6. ber  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2008 0

    i’m getting giddy already…

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