Rich Four Four put together a montage of child beauty pageant stage parents based on TLC’s recent specials Toddlers And Tiaras and Painted Babies At 17. The parents are ridiculous, so the laughs are guilt-free:

It’s a great way of representing the train-wreck spectacle of child beauty pageants that focuses on the borderline abusive parents, not the poor kids. (In other words, thanks to Rich for the excuse to laugh, because the rest was pretty depressing.)

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  1. the 7 seconds of that random guy were either hilarious or creepy… he was either dragged there by his wife and has no interest in this crap and/or sees how ridiculous this whole thing is.


    he bears no relation to anyone there and is a championship creep.


  3. I think I saw Sexman at about 40 seconds in….call me crazy…

  4. just conducted a study with 300 viewers of a video featuring the recent controversy surrounding child beauty pageants. The results showed that the majority of viewers reported that ?disturbed? and ?sad? were the emotions the felt most while watching the video. The study found that 84% of viewers reported that they felt the long-term effect on contestants was negative. For more in-depth results, please visit

  5. I just wrote something about this today.
    Apparently it?s acceptable in the United States to dress toddlers up like full grown women and parade them on a stage in their swimsuits so they can be rated on their body, face and outfit by a panel of judges. This is not only a waste of time but it?s totally twisted. I sure these pageants are swarming with dirty old men too.

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