Everyone’s watching Portlandia, right? Well, if not, catch up now because IFC has renewed it for a second season. No IFC? That’s no excuse! Hulu to the rescue. There are also clips on IFC’s website. And Portlandia’s hilarious antecedent – ThunderAnt – is just as funny as the show itself. Let’s all gush in the comments!

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  1. And the Portland mayor made the day the show premiered the official Portlandia Day!

  2. I love Portlandia! Sadly I don’t have cable, and that is an excuse b/c Hulu sez, “Full episodes of Portlandia are not available at this time. We will continue to work with the provider in the hopes of making them available.”

  3. Hipsters gonna hip.

  4. Such a great show! Jason Sudekis’s cult farm was my favorite so far! (Am I gushing correctly?)

  5. If you think the volume of Becca’s output here is impressive, you should see her 437 regular blogs.

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  7. My articulate appraisal: Portlandia is soooooo gooooood!

  8. I read about this on the Huffington Post and Gawker and Jezebel and my friend Tim’s tumblr, he has 40 followers, I was the first

  9. Portlandia: Where all the hot girls wear glasses.

  10. “Have you read this blog post about Portlandia?”
    “Of course.”
    “Have you read these comments on this blog post about Portlandia?”
    “I did not like the ending.”

  11. I loved the Adult Hide & Seek League sketch. I especially loved the appearance of Zac Pennington of the Parenthetical Girls in said sketch.

  12. Oh, we’re going to talk about this show on Videogum now? That show is OVER!

  13. I was hoping for a Portlandia discussion on Monday so I never made my Portlandia gif corner in the SNL thread. Thanks Becca for coming through and covering my favorite new show!

    Friday’s are now my favorite day: I start it off with Thursday Night Open TV Thread and I end it with Portlandia.

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