You asked for it, you have received it. Your open thread for the evening: Buffy! I kind of wanted to talk about how Buffy’s always wearing a coat for no reason. Which were your favorite ones?

But we can talk about whatever, Buffy related. Up to you guys.

Hey, it’s been a pleasure writing for you. Can you tell the posts accidentally came out in the wrong order with weird timing? I’m probably the only one who cares…

Okay. Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Byeeeeeeee!

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  1. I never watched Buffy so I can’t really comment, but I will say that I’d like a pattern for the brioche stitch hat, please! (Also, someone will need to teach me how to do brioche in the round. Thanks in advance, nerds.)

  2. I finally watched all of Buffy around Autumn of ’10 and I’m glad I did. It was a really fun show. I <3 GILES.

  3. Serendipity! I decided 2011 would be the year I rewatch all of Buffy, in order. I obtained a box set off Craigslist for $60 and as of last night I am almost done with Season One (2 more episodes to go).

    • Yesss. I had never watched an episode of Buffy before this year, but have been watching them out of order on Logo and Chiller and all the other channels it comes on. Seriously, it comes on every channel. My DVR is full of Buffy!

      • We could organize an All-of-Buffy-In-Order Viewing Party. Everyone, be at my apartment from 6:45 to 7:30, Monday-Friday, starting tonight!

        It is weird and fun to go back to when it was just another show (Season One, which is hit & miss) and they had no idea what lay ahead. It might be the best hour-long show ever made. It’s up there, anyway.

    • I have slowly re-watched the whole series with a friend who hadn’t seen it over the last year or so (a few episodes a week). We just finished Season 6, which is my very favorite (cue controversy!). It’s probably my third time through the series, but I get so much out of it every time. I just love that show.

      • I’ve been living Season 6 (my fav too, or at least tied for 1st) IRL this month with a family health scare. I reference it out loud daily, and is weirdly a huge comfort. Viva Season 6 and all its insane sadness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I bought the box set for myself for Christmas, wrapped it, put it under the tree, and shrieked with delight when I opened it. I think that’s the point when my family started to feel sincerely sorry for me.

      • That is so, so, so amazing.

        Also, I’m going to be saying hi to Montpelier this weekend, so I now plan on keeping an eye out for someone shrieking about Buffy, Videogum, and Chaka Khan. Then I say goodbye to VT again…

        • If I had to guess, I would say you are going to the release party at Langdon? I can’t imagine why else you would visit our fair capitol city. Where will the next trip take you?

          • I know of no release party. I have a lady friend to visit and have been told there are blueberry pancakes in town. Also, you guys have four bookstores. That’s so many and so awesome. That’s pretty much why I ever go.

            I’m off to Colorado, for who knows how long.

          • Mmmm, if you’re doing a breakfast/brunch thing, definitely do Kismet – very, very delicious stuff. I envy your ability to just bust out of here when the mood strikes you.

  4. Buffy looks like an Angel in that picture. She probably needs the coat to keep her Bones warm, but if the temperature Spikes she Willow need to take it off.

  5. Thanks for filling in for your more rigid and turgid namesake. I for one, enjoyed it a lot.

    On topic: Yeah…that sure is a coat.

  6. Vampires? Vampires! Post it again? Post it again!

  7. Good job w/ the blog today, Soft Gabe:

    • Yes! Guest bloggers are now three-for-three!

      • I should preface what I’m about to say with a “Congratulations!” and a “Great G.O.B!” to our three guest bloggers (I know I’m not close to the inner circle of videogum monsters, but I do feel particularly excited to hear something like “thisismynightmare will be guest blogging”. It’s awesome stuff, and soft gabe and bradofarrell have also been spectacular at filling in and giving us an insight into their heads. Also the best of luck to Becca tomorrow, expect nothing but support from us) because it is deserved. Now to what I’m about to say:

        I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to werttrew guest blogging on friday.

        Werttrew, your brain is like a maze to me. And I look forward to folding that maze in half and eating it like a sandwich

        also, I’m new to this .gif thing, so sorry if i’m not being creative enough. Videogum monsters are intimidatingly witty.

  8. “Sarah Michelle Gellar wistfully reminisces about that time when she had a career.”

    This is a caption contest, right?

  9. I used to read the news. Now Videogum is all I need.

  10. My love for Gabe Liedman is unrequited, but today allowed me the illusion that, just maybe, he has some small affection for me.

  11. I feel that this must be said: I LOVE YOU SOFT GABE!!!!!

    Also, Alan Turdyk in Firefly is the best ever.

  12. The first Buffy I ever saw was “Hush” and so I’m the only one on Earth that was sad when Riley left.

    • AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH that episode is the second scariest TV episode ever, only after the Weeping Angels.

      #unsolicited2cents #someoneholdme

    • I was also saddened by his leaving. That episode featured also featured Buffy sprinting around Sunnydale. Girl needs to get her learner’s permit and eventually driver’s license.

    • I think Team Riley/Team Spike was my Team Jacob/Team Edward. I think Riley had all the charisma of a boiled onion.

      • Spike just had so much… charisma*.

        *Spike and Buffy had hot, fingerbanging up against buildings, knocking down furniture, bed-breaking sex.

        *Also, CHARISMA CARPENTER. Who Spike never had, so YAY. (I was very sad when her and Xander got together, because Xander was only meant to be with Willow, or me, of course).

        • In reality however, upon my last re-watch, I was so sad when Riley left.

          But the first time around, I was just way too excited for Buffy and Spike to get together.

        • Yeah, but remember that episode when Buffy and Riley had SO MUCH SEX they like…summoned demons or something? (I haven’t watched Buffy in a good long while, but I love it with all my heart) ((also, I am very much Team Spike))

          • Haha, actually they turned the frat house into some kind of inescapable haunted mansion, with like plants everywhere, and weird sexual stuff going on. Their hot steaminess unleashed some pent up sexual energy from a creepy old religious nut (played by Mrs. Landingham!) who ran an orphanage and molested the kids, basically.

            It’s one of the only episodes of Buffy that I think it truly terrible.

    • Riley < anyone

    • I liked Riley a lot more on my second viewing, after reaching adulthood. When you’re young, you’re like “He’s boring and milquetoast,” but when you get older you’re like “Enough drama, Buff, take the stand-up guy who actually treats you like he likes you.” Basically I’m saying Riley is me, and I take all this Riley-bashing very personally.

    • I’ve been OBSESSING over goodbyepiccadilly’s GIFs. The comics? OMG just… so so good. In other great Buffy Tumblrs, I’ve actually spent the past hour geeking out over itsinthetrees’ Buffy essays.


      • Re: The Comics

        THEY GOT ME INTO READING COMICS. They make me cry. They make me laugh. They make me SATISFIED as a fan.

        Also, they are way better than the Angel comics (with the exception of After The Fall Issues 1-17) that continued after the series.

        - Me, after every issue, basically!

    • WILLOW & TARA <3<3<3<3<3 Nerd Invasion on Videogum!

  13. Sometimes Buffy’s coats had reasons.

    But for someone living in a California town that had “Sunny” in the name, she sure had lots of coats in her closet.

    • i’d hit that

    • I have the most overdue boner right now?

    • Ok, so I haven’t made it 100% through the thread, so maybe this comes up later–if so, forgive my haste. But there is only one observation about Buffy’s coats: she NEVER wears the same one in two episodes. Even when she’s a struggling college dropout single mom big sister, working at Doublemeat Palace, I don’t think she ever repeats a coat. The girl wore the same tacky crucifix necklace for seven YEARS, and yet she can’t keep a coat week to week. Saying.

  14. I’m not sure this is Buffy-related, but Joss Whedon writing and directing the Avenger’s Movie tickles every pleasure center on my body. Does that count? No?

    Then I’ll stop.

  15. Here is one of my favorite things: It’s the “Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer” that they used for the last episode, “The Gift”:

  16. It’s Wednesday! Whedon Dance Party!

  17. This was the ultimate trip down memory lane day, which is to say I LOVED IT VERY MUCH.

  18. Mans,

    I have a present for you.


    Now, I know this isn’t Buffy, but maybe it is.

  19. So Buffy fans, excited for the new, non-Joss Whedon movie? I know my sister-in-law isn’t, because I have to hear about it everytime I see her and every day on facebook!

  20. SG, just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your guest blogging today (and have enjoyed everyone’s guest appearances so far). Go have a drink – you deserve it!

  21. And as far as Buffy’s coats, I’m not even sure I like this coat, but the turquoise one she was wearing in “Becoming” when they do the slo-mo of her running down the hall towards the library just looked really cool.

  22. I recently DVR’d the insane marathons Oxygen runs and was reminded of the aggressive asexualizing of Willow, particularly in early seasons, and the eye-burning outfits of one Xander Harris. That show is really in the sweet spot — mid 90s fashion just looks irredeemably horrid at this exact remove. Like, ecstatically awful. I love it.

  23. HOW ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE SNYDER!!!!!!! SNYYYYYDER! I liked Buffy’s faux leopard coats in season 2. How about how underrated Normal Again is?!?!?! Is Sunnydale REAL??????

  24. And the 90′s “sexy” dancing with their hands all up in the air hair in front of face. Friend Kayan and I would have Buffy dance parties during credits times sitting down.

  25. Just pretend I am Buffy and Videogum is Spike right now:

  26. Ps, you guys, I love Buffy. And Joss Whedon everything. If anyone wants to tweet about it all the time with me, my twitter is @whedonnerd.

    Yep, that’s right,

    W H E D O N N E R D.

  27. There are so many Buffy .gifs in this thread, but the best .gif of all, is the show itself.

  28. THAT IS SO FUNNY THAT YOU DO A POST ON BUFFY’S COAT because I’ve basically spent tonight getting my brain flip turned upside down from a discussion about the symbols of cultural appropriation in Spike’s coat. Watched this video right here that has like totally enlightened me to Joss Whedon’s racist tendencies:


    Keep the subtitle in mind: “It’s Nikki Wood’s fucking coat.”
    Brilliant brilliant BRILL.

  29. Did anyone else collect the cards and tried to get one of these? http://www.inkworks.com/products/buffy/buffytenth/buffytenthpw.html


  30. So these guest bloggers are like mom’s cool new boyfriend, winning us over with all of our favorite things. All I need is a Doctor Who Appreciation thread and you’ll have my blessing.

    • Eiiii Miss Evangelistaaaaa! Davies vs. Moffat… Favourite companions! Favourite wrath of 10th Doctor moments! Doctor Donna!! (tear). How many comments could that type of thread amass?!

    • It’s all candy for breakfast and midnight bedtimes! Gabe’s going to be so mad when he gets back and we’re all hopped up on Buffy open threads and serial killer documentaries.

  31. I re-watched a good chunk of seasons 1-3 recently, and while I had a crush on Xander when I was 10-11 years old (mummmmm you let me watch this when I was 10?!?!), he is now one of my least favourite characters!! He’s just so DESPERATE. And spiteful.

  32. “Videogum Guest Bloggers are a good thing.” – Martha Stewart

  33. Also, Drusilla and Darla, you guys, how amazing were their character arcs?!

    • Boxer Rebellion Slayer is my favourite slayer. Darla Dru and Spike and Angel are soo good in those flashbacks.

      And ahhh, what’s the episode with the origins of William the Bloody?? Beneath me?? Is that right? Ahhhhh! Sad!!

    • Yes! Every time I see the episode from season 1 when Angel stakes Darla I think about how it was such not a big deal when it first aired, and then like, five years later was part of a huge deal!

    • DON’T FOLLOW DRUSILLA ON TWITTER, snooooooooooooooooore alert

  34. “I wear the cheese, it does not wear me.”

    Also with the re-watching, noticing all the Dawn foreshadowing is… doesn’t give me chills, but makes my headspace feel all expansive??? Tara’s especially good, “You think you know what’s to come, what you are. You haven’t even begun.” And the 7:30 hinting. Ugh this is terrible. Nobody I know watches Buffy. I could just shout moments all day long with people who’d reminisce with me with so few words.

    Anyaaaaaa!! How jolting is her last moment in the season finale?! I always blink and just reel back when it happens.

  35. How about That New Buffy Movie Is Going to Be The Worst Open Thread?

  36. Breaking my legendary silence to see if any of you have seen Giles’ EPIC series of British Nescafe ads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igi9u6X4y-s&feature=related

  37. buffy is perfection. i can’t believe i came across this thread too late!!

    bored now…

  38. This will likely go unread, but I wanted to join the praise chorus for Gabe L’s work today. It was so genuinely entertaining to come here periodically and see what you had to say. A short introduction to a seventeen-year-old interview with a notorious serial killer?! A passionate post about an under-appreciated sitcom from the ’90s?! An actual (somewhat) by-the-books film review?! You threw a bunch of curve-balls, and I loved it.

    I wish you could be the new Lindsay.

  39. wow, everybody. wow.

  40. My friend is doing a conference on Buffy and “cyberfeminism” tomorrow. #gradschool

    Also, Mayor Wilkins is one of my top five favourite villains ever. Also Spike, though I can never think of him as a villain anymore.

    In summary, love!

  41. Confession time. I’ve never seen this show.
    I saw a clip of when Buffy’s mom dies during a lecture once but that was it…

    Please don’t hate me fellow Monsters! Be kind!

  42. I love, love, LOVE this show. And I love Buffy’s various coats!

  43. NERD ALERT! am i the only person to read this as “buffy coat”? the layer of leukocytes you get when you are fractionating blood? come on scientists, hands up!

    ps. buffy is a great show.

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