[EDIT: This post has been rendered completely vestigial by the unseasonably warm weather here in Chicago today. ALL THE SNOW IS GONE!]

Snow is the worst, right? Or is it the best? Here’s a bunch of people seeing snow for the first time – to put things in perspective.

(Check out Dick van Dyke as Bert the Chimney Sweep at 1:40!)

They seem so happy! And they’ve reminded me that snow is a miracle (no snowmo). What they don’t know is that after seeing snow for say…. the 24th year in a row, it drives you kind of crazy. It turns neighbor against neighbor in claaaaasic cases of you-stole-my-shovel-so-now-I-will-use-my-snowblower-to-bury-your-car-because-we-are-both-adults-and-will-still-have-to-see-one-another-after-the-snow-melts. And people have begun shooting each other to steal snowblowers that I’m guessing will be used to cover their neighbors’ cells with snow in prison. It’s a coyote eat coyote world.

Speaking of coyotes, without winter and ice and snow, there also wouldn’t be aaaahmazing feel-good stories like this!

If you’re wondering how a coyote got to Chicago in the first place, it’s because the city released dozens of them to combat our rodent problem. I think our new mayor may want to have a chat with this old lady who swallowed a fly one time before this gets out of hand. (I’m guessing it’ll all end with dragons?)

Good thing there are no murders here in Chicago to stop the news from running these heartwarming stories. I just wish snow would choose a side!

So do you guys love snow or hate snow? Fight it out in the comments. Partial answers accepted for credit, but show your work! The results will be tallied and the winning team gets to control the animatronic groundhog next February. And there’s no Santa.

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  1. I only like snow from around Thanksgiving until December 26. After that, it’s just a depressing, wet, and numbing pile of shit that needs to get off my lawn.

  2. a licky boom boom yeah

  3. I don’t really like snow all that much, but without a long winter full of misery, that first day of spring, when the sky is blue and pink and the air is full of the smell of plants and cow manure, wouldn’t be as special.

  4. I like this today, but ONLY because it’s like 70 degrees today and snow isn’t actively ruining my life.

  5. The mayor sounds like a crack head.

  6. The mayor sounds like a crack head.

  7. It was raining badly here in L.A yesterday. That is our snow.

  8. As a Southerner and a teacher, I deeply enjoy the light dusting of snow that gets me out of school at least once a year. However, as a displaced South Carolinian living in Atlanta, I did NOT appreciate the week-long ice bath that our city took, because it means I have school on President’s Day. In a related story: Grrr.

  9. So it is somewhat well known that I just moved from Austin to Grand Rapids (where, incidentally, Gabe is probably frolicking AS WE SPEAK). As a newcomer to the world of snow, I can safely say that shovelling snow is infinitely preferable to mowing a lawn. And also that people who have spent their lives surrounded by snow do not gather the same joy from being nailed with a snowball that I get from being the nailer. Pretty much, I am TEAM SNOW ALL THE WAY WOOHOO!

    • I’m in Austin now, FT.. and this year we had a little sleet and ONE day of snow and even that was a pain in the balls. HPN firmly in the anti-snow camp. btw, you look delicious today, have you done something new with your cheese?

  10. It’s 55 degrees in NYC right now, but after the last 2 months I swear it feels like 70. You know who we have to thank? That’s right. Snow!

  11. I liked it during that first storm right after Christmas, when work was canceled and and I got to stay home and make waffles. Last week, walking to the train and almost getting hit by cars while trying to avoid 5 foot high banks of snow caked in pollution, I was like “okay, time to melt now snow.”

  12. Oh jeez, I am such a baby, I am crying at my desk watching the coyote story!

  13. I’m from Alabama, so I love snow. The mere threat of snow shuts down the entire state and causes a panic that is so much fun to watch. And we get out of work/school, which is the best. Also, snow makes some of the uglier areas of town look really pretty because it covers up all of the garbage and dead animals on the sides of the road nicely. So, yes, snow please.

  14. 2:16, as the girl said to the soldier.

  15. Are you looking for snow? You want snow? I’ve got buckets of it, FEET of it. Come on up to Upstate NY! We’ve got snow for miles! AND ITS ALL COVERED IN ICE. *grouch*

  16. My boyfriend was born in New Orleans, grew up in San Antonio, moved to San Francisco, then moved to Wisconsin to be with me.

    It’s so cute to watch him try to walk around this place.

  17. I know it’s shadenfreude, but watching other people get unbelievably bent out of shape over something as inevitable and timeless as THE WEATHER is my favorite part about snow. That, and cocoa, toddies, toboggans, etc. Hell, give me snow nine months of the year. I look awful in a bathing suit anyway.

  18. I could probably watch that girls face at the end about a million times and it would still not be enough.

  19. My favorite part of being in Chicago is when the snow melts and the sidewalks run brown with recently uncovered dog excrement. Just, kidding, it’s the property taxes, the sales taxes, the Cusack taxes and then the dog excrement thing.

  20. Yeah kids, the snow is all fun and games until you’re digging your car out in dress pants at 6:30 a.m. cursing all that is Chicago winters.

  21. People are seeing snow for the first time, and the pinheads are talking about “Global Warming”.

    I mean, c’mon!

    Really, C’MON!

  22. Snow is good if you meet the following conditions:
    - No seasonal depressive issues
    - Good boots/gloves
    - Apartment living that doesn’t require shoveling
    - A job you can easily do from home or don’t have to make up if you miss a day
    - You don’t have to drive a bus
    - Kids or a cute/hearty dog
    - A fireplace
    - Plenty of bourbon (beer will do in a pinch)
    - Scrabble, chess, or other analog board games
    - Plenty of candles in case of losing power
    - Loving companions

  23. As a resident of the frozen north (Canada), where it is -8′F and there are still many feet of snow on the ground even after several unseasonal warm snaps…this post remains extremely relevant.
    And though that might sound like a complaint, I must say that I LOVE snow. I have lived with it for 25 years, and I still adore winter and everything that goes with it, even though it lasts from October to May most years.

  24. Okay, so there’s snow. How’d the snow get there? I mean, c’mon.

  25. Snow is not available in my country :(

  26. I live in Canada. So. Yeah. Snow.

  27. Everyone standing in the street I was fear-hoping they would get approached by cars, and everyone kicking around I was hoping would fall down.

  28. All our snow’s melting too, which is ridiculous. Upstate New York in February? C’mon.

    I’m also really amused by how many of the people in this video are Australians, because watching Australians react to snow is fucking hilarious. There was an inch or two of snow my last winter in Canberra, and a friend of mine got off the phone to go out in her bare feet, then came back in and complained that her feet were cold and wet.

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