You don’t get to be an Academy and BET award nominated actor without paying your dues.

Obviously, this video would have been kind of amazing even without the young and admirably limber One Who Would Go On To Usurp Terrence Howard. But that doesn’t explain why Don Cheadle has been keeping this from us! I’m just glad I could be the one to blow the lid off this story. Patrick Dempsey finds a way to shoehorn juggling into the plot (Hahaha! Plot!) of every movie he does.

I wish everything had a surprise unicorn ending. And by unicorn I mean unicycle, naturally. It was a good typo, so I kept it. Just felt right.

And Reign Over Me could have definitely used a good musical number.

In the words of Videogum’s own Constantinople: “I feel uncomfortable watching Don Cheadle have fun after Hotel Rwanda.” But do we not have this early accomplishment to thank for his later success? Don Cheadle should name-drop Angela Winbush in every speech he gives. He gives a lot of speeches.

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  1. He can act. He can dance. But Don Cheadle can’t Simonize worth shit. Just goes to show there are no true triple-threats in Hollywood anymore.

  2. Don Cheadle dancing on a bed of rice

  3. I always get Don Cheadle mixed up in my head with Don Rickles. Which makes the video 300% better without even having to see it.

  4. Oh, I wanna dance with Don Cheadle
    I wanna feel the heat with Don Cheadle
    Oh, I wanna dance with Don Cheadle
    With Don Cheadle, he loves me.

    • From the halls of Tokyo
      To the London town you go-go
      with a record selection and the mirror’s reflection
      I’ll be dancing with Don Cheadle

      • C-c-c H-h-h E-e-e A-a-a D-d-d L-l-l E-e-e
        Don. Cheadle.

        We can dance if we want to
        We can leave Terrance Howard behind
        ‘Cause if Terrance don’t dance and if he don’t dance
        Well Terrance is no friend of mine

        I say, we can go where we want to
        A place where they will never find
        And we can act like we come from Ocean’s Thirteen
        Leave the Ocean’s Twelve far behind
        And we can dance

        • What’s going on on the floor?
          I love this record Don Cheadle but I can’t see straight anymore
          Keep it cool, what’s the name of this club?
          I can’t remember but it’s alright, alright

          Just dance, gonna be okay
          Just dance, spin that record Don Cheadle
          Just dance, gonna be okay, dance
          Dance, dance, just, just dance

    • Don Don Cheadlution

  5. Don Cheadle wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

  6. I hope during the course of my day someone asks me if I want hot wax. “The hottest,” I will say.

  7. i thought he paid his dues here:

  8. For those of you who were maybe not alive at the time, let me assure you that in the 80s, this is exactly what every car wash was like.

  9. Hot wax or hottest wax?

  10. I think Don Cheadle may have discovered the Fountain of Youth; either that or he’s a vampire. He hasn’t aged a day in the 20 years since this video came out. Has anyone seen him out in the sunlight? Does he sparkle?

  11. Yawn. Wake me up when you find a video of Patrick Dempsey juggling Don Cheadle.

  12. Also cool that the guy Angela is swooning over went on to be an All Star baseball player/Cameron Diaz popcorn dispenser/douche.

  13. That lady’s hat marked the Bedazzler’s first and only foray into music video product placement.

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