Whoa, WHOA! Do not mess with Belinda Heggen! That guy just got totally Heggen’d. What do you think he did to deserve that? It was so harsh, and there wasn’t even a smile or reaction from either party. You guys, I don’t think this is even one of those “funny banter” news shows. I think it was a serious dig during a serious news hour. I keep rewinding it over and over and watching Mark’s face. Intense!

It’s so weird, usually on American news bloopers half the fun is everyone stumbling to regain composure immediately after. This one ends not with a bang, or with a whimper, but with a complete lack of acknowledgment that anything just happened. The guy they cut away to didn’t even react to it!

[Thanks for the tip Lindsay (THE Lindsay), via thehighdefinite]

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  1. Mark is not getting his balls checked tonight.

  2. In a way it’s a compliment? Because she’s saying it’s impressive? It’s kinda like the #humblebrag of dick-related insults.

  3. SOMEBODY isn’t gettin’ Adelaide tonight.

  4. “And after 15 minutes the firefighters were able to pull the pregnant dog from the under the ice and save her from drowning. Good to see that had a happy ending.

    Speaking of frigid bitches, here’s Belinda with traffic. Belinda?”

  5. I love the way she says “thank you very much.” Ouch.

  6. I thought the SNL recap was yesterday.

  7. Story time!

    When I was in 6th grade, we were reading some book (I can’t remember the name of it, but it was the type of book that was supposed to challenge a 6th grader’s mind of what the world was all about, when all it really was about was a kid crying out for attention), and in said book the main character, when asked a question, would respond, “Can I get back to you on that?” Now, me being the cut up that I was (all jokes, all day) thought it would be funny to say that the next time I was asked a question. So the teacher called on me, and I said, “Can I get back to you on that?” The result was DEAD SILENCE. The teacher then said, “Okay. Next!” The whole class then laughed at me. It took YEARS for the torture to subside. Just saying gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to not make stupid jokes that will result in years of taunting.

  8. It’s small but impressive? I’m confused. Does it vibrate or something? And should he see a doctor about that?

  9. Take comfort, Mark. You got dissed horribly on television, but you were not dissed in vain. You entertained us.

  10. Australia’s “keep fuckin’ that chicken” is so much classier than ours.

  11. She’s talking about his car, right?

  12. My theory:
    Belinda and Mark ended up going back to his place after the staff New Year’s barbecue (hemispheres, am I right?). Both had had a fair bit to drink, and it seemed like this was going to be the drunken, sloppy consumation of months of unsubtle sexual tension.
    …But it wasn’t.
    After some half-assed foreplay, Mark’s pants came off and Belinda got a look at what he was packing. It wasn’t much, obviously. She burst out laughing, buttoned up her blouse, and left, despite his protests of”It’s how you USE it that matters, Belinda!”
    The next morning, Belinda told her friend Sherri the assistant producer (damn her big mouth), who told absolutely everyone else what happened. Mark hasn’t been able to live it down.
    Belinda’s secretly sorry that the story got out, but Mark’s been such an asshole to her about it that she’s run out of sympathy.


  13. Awwww! A quick look on YouTube reveals this was dubbed in later. And it’s true! Look! I was so busy focusing on that burn that I didn’t notice how it doesn’t match the mouth it’s coming out of.

    Womp womp, etc. :(

    • Yeah it wasn’t dubbed. Someone just said that in the comments on YouTube and everyone told him to shut up. The description of the video apologizes for the audio being a little out of synch, which is why it looks dubbed.

  14. Saw that, but then saw a second comment corroborating the same point. I guess I should know better than to trust ANYTHING on YouTube. Commencing self-shut-up sequence in 3, 2, 1… :)

  15. I think “small but impressive” means lorry over there.

  16. That’s why Mark has a Memento-esque “Never Sleep with Co-workers” tattooed on his arm.

  17. Mark is now just biding his time till a story comes along, about a big, gaping, stinking, sink hole near a naval base that has swallowed up a bunch of sea men into it’s deep abyss of death and despair.
    It will be a long wait but his revenge will be sweet.

    This is the dream that will keep him warm at night.

  18. TWSS…literally.

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