Guys! This show is so good! I don’t really have a newsy angle on this–I asked Gabe beforehand if I could gush about how good of a show Misfits is and that’s what I’m doing. The entire show is on YouTube, legally I think (the content is ‘claimed’ by the network and it’s uploaded in full episode 45 minute chunks? That LOOKS pretty legal) and you could watch it all in a weekend and it would be a great way to spend a weekend. It’s British show so there’s only 13 episodes total even though there are two seasons. British TV is weird. Also there’s going to be a new season in the fall so it’s not like you’re watching a ‘dead’ TV show.

I know that Gabe and 30 Rock likes to call you guys “nerds” but you’re not really nerds. If you guys were really nerds I would be talking about how the new season of the Pokemon anime has crazy 9-11 symbolism and stuff. But you’re not nerds so I can’t talk about Pokemon (psych, I just did! You just got stealth nerd’d!) or over-indulgent nerd stuff. I bring this up because Misfits is a show about superheroes, but it’s a show about superheroes that is engrossing and watchable even if you’re not a nerd because it’s a really good show!

Misfits is about five antisocial adolescent criminals in a community service group. In the first episode (embedded above) they get struck by lightning and they all get superpowers that reflect their individual antisocial quirks. They don’t really use their powers for good or evil, to put it in nerd terms, they’re like chaotic neutrals. In each episode they have to do some project for their community service which usually leads them to encountering other antisocial individuals who were given powers by the storm.

The powers of the five main kids are pretty neat, too! One girl, Kelly, is really self-conscious and can hear people’s thoughts, so now she knows What Women Want. Another girl, Alisha, uses her sexuality to manipulate men and gets the power to reverse-rape men by touching them. Then there’s a creepy introverted kid named Simon who gains the power to turn invisible whenever he’s ignored. And Curtis, an olympic runner who got banned from athletics because of drugs gets the power to turn back time whenever he regrets his actions.

Then there’s Nathan Young, the show’s protagonist, who doesn’t even get a superpower right away. Nathan is one of the best television characters I’ve seen in a long time. I’m cautious about explaining the nuances of his character, I feel like that might be cheating you out of the experience of watching the show more than dropping big spoiler bombs would be. But, essentially, Nathan’s character is written to be sort of a mascot of “our generation” (mine and yours, not old man Gabe’s) and we gradually see a longing to make meaningful connections with other people, hidden behind a charade of knee-jerk cynicism.

Anyway, you guys should all watch it, and then we can have fun spoilery discussions about it in the comments. But, for anyone who has seen it, avoid spoiling anything at least for today! Then we can all come back to this post after we’ve watched it and have a Videogum slumber party! Isn’t Simon totally dreamy? Isn’t Kelly’s accent the best? Lets all become Misfits heads!

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  1. I don’t know. This is coming from the guy who loves Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree and hereby call a Misfit gif party.

  3. Yes! I love Misfits! I’ve been slowly watching the episodes forcing myself to ration them out instead of consuming them all in one sitting. Even though Nathan is a prick, I totally <3 him.

  4. You forgot to say “Lorry”

  5. Isn’t reverse rape still just rape?

    This was too long for me to watch right now but I want to get to the bottom of this reverse rape business.

  6. ..wait, directed by Tom Green?


  8. Oh my god oh my god Misfits on Videogum. My life is complete. GUYS GO WATCH THIS!

  9. Batteredgnome was talking about how some British programs aint care if their stuff is online(I don’t know how it actually works). Anyways, you should check out QI. Oh and Happy Birthday, BG.

  10. This post. So happy.

  11. The only think about the show that I take issue with is Alisha’s power, it’s far too rapey and really the worst power you could ever be cursed with. In fact it really isn’t a power at all. I have a feeling that for the 3rd season this will actually be solved. As for Nathan I reckon he’s the best character ever to grace the screen and holy fuck would I hit it.

  12. Misfits is the best. We already have a Videogum Monster Twitter Fan Club™. Feel free to join us!

  13. I will watch this, but also I think there’s probably something wrong with me that I’m a little sad that there (probably?) won’t be a Top Chef recap this week. Shop shop shop cook cook cook sad sad sad.

  14. Now that Mistfits has received the Videogum bump, can we start mobbing the comments with Top Gear animated gifs until that receives its due attention?

    • On the back of their recent, and by no means new, racist comments how about we skip Top Gear.
      “Mexican cars are just going to be a lazy, feckless, flatulent, oaf with a moustache leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat,”.

      • Another cracker.
        - ‘Just imagine waking up and remembering you’re Mexican’
        Misfits is great, for sure, but in Britain this is like the most popular show and it’s the worst.
        Be proud America, be proud you don’t have Jeremy Clarkson, God knows I would be.

        • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • ‘Full minutes with offending someone on earth’? What the hell? If there’s a 60/40 no racist/totally racist split or more it’s not only alright but worth defending in 4 paragraphs?

  15. Seriously though, Misfits love on Videogum?! IS THIS REAL LIFE???

  16. YES! One of the best parts about it is that is avoided what ended up killing Heroes (that it makes no effort to explain WHERE the powers come from or WHY they exist). There’s pretty much zero mythos-building, so it leaves the focus on character development and slowing expanding the world the characters inhabit.

  17. Wait… am I BradOFarrell?!

  18. I agree with everything this post says and would like to subscribe to its newsletter.

  19. ROLL CALL: Favorite Misfits quotes?

    Simon: I’m not a pedophile.
    Nathan: Yeah? You’d screw your own sister for a slice of cheese.
    Simon: I don’t even like cheese.
    Nathan: That makes it even worse! You sick bastard.

  20. No creepo, but I actually started watching Misfits after Brad kept blogging about it on his Tumblr. It’s really amazing! Some not great plot points in the second season, but the characters are great and the casting is perfect.

  21. I LOVE MISFITS! I try to get everyone I know to watch it and no one will believe me about how good it is. I always describe it as Skins if they all got caught and did community service. Then got superpowers… I always lose people on the superpowers bit, but it’s not even really about that! How great is a show where they all have superpowers and that’s not even (really) the main focus?? SO GOOD THAT’S HOW GOOD

  22. The reminds me of the slashfilmcast, where they bring this show up every six months. Then they go on to say how nobody has seen it and there is no legal way to see the show. Then they spend 20 minutes talking about it. It frustrates me every time.*

    *I heard the internet was a place that you could feel comfortable complaining about free content that you normally love and appreciate, but occasionally get frustrated with. Am I doing it right?

    P.S. Thanks for the Youtube tip!

  23. This really is a genius program though. The British couldn’t have made a smarter choice by being this british: Let’s make fun of an American staple (superheroes) because that’s what british people do (we make fun of things), except let’s also make it completely different than anything else. How does one make a tv show about superheroes different? let’s add sex and loads of curse words, because screw kids for sanitizing our super heroes. and bam! produced.

    now let’s all cross our fingers that America never makes a US version of it, because that would totally defeat the purpose of this show. like Totally.

  24. Am I the only one who, post Misfits marathon, could not stop saying twat or cunt?

    And by twat, I obviously mean the British twAt.

  25. I marathoned Misfits a couple weeks ago, so I feel justified in saying you are RIGHT and also have very interesting thoughts.

  26. It’s a British Television Orgy!!!!!!! Jump in before they mention Skins!!

  27. My very favourtie thing


    Also I love how dedicated the writing staff is to keeping up character twitters that post in character providing insight to each episode during said episode! Nerdy awesomeness!

  28. So I’m sure this show is great, but can I just ask if anyone else got thrown by the ‘I know Gabe calls you guys nerds’ line? I mean, I know that Gabe sometimes calls us nerds but I got this flash of a vision of Gabe sitting around with other bloggers bitching about how he had to go back to the ‘blog mine’ the next day to toss down a few comedic table scraps to the yapping brats below.
    What if Gabe doesn’t love us all equally the way a dad would? What if he doesn’t love us at all????

  29. I was going to post a fun gif from The IT Crowd to illustrate my excitement over a new British series to watch. But then I got distracted looking at gifs from The IT Crowd…

    Sidenotegum, has anyone else seen Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel?

  30. Much better than The Cape.

  31. During classes today, as I quickly browsed Videogum so as to not completely negate being in class, when I saw MISFITS I though SKINS.

    I was very confused.

    Now, I am not.

  32. Best Post Ever…sorry gabe.

  33. i was working a double today and my phone browser would shut down every time i came to try and leave a comment. i knew it would be due to all the awesome misfits gifs and that made the wait even more torturous. it was worth it. i love misfits hard.

  34. the third probate officer is the greatest

  35. I just want to point out that I know the difference between the word “facade” and the word “charade” and I intentionally picked the word “charade” and I’m not dumb.

  36. ARGH I go away for a day and miss all the Misfits love?!?! AND mentions of IT crowd and Black Books?!?! All my loves have collided, upvotes all round!

  37. Ok so I’m not sure if anyone will ever read this but I’m going for it anyways.
    I started watching this show yesterday solely because of this post. I’m pretty much in love.
    Three Major complaints though:
    First off, I’ve been trying to get my brother to watch it and the only way I can think of describing the plot is “Skins plus Static Shock”
    Second Off, its really gratuitous with the sex, I mean episode two was essentially soft-core porn. Two of my three roommates were in the same room as I was while I was watching it. It was awkward!
    Third, Maybe its because I never watch TV, but I feel like this show really stretches my willful suspension of disbelief, and no I’m not talking about the super-powers. Why are there only like 2 supporting characters per episode?

  38. Now that I’ve watched all of the episodes, I really want to talk about it!

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