Have you guys heard about the latest craze to sweep bitter housewives? I have two words for you: FACE. YOGA. As we get older, we all start to develop pesky lines and wrinkles. None of us want to look like a bunch of old fogies, do we? Forget Botox and surgery. Now there’s an easier way to firm your face! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with YOGA FACES:

If you need more tips on how to make nightmare faces like the Satchmo, the Marionette, the Prom Queen and the Smiling Fish Face…Guess what? There’s a book for that!

I’ve already traded in my wrinkle cream for crazy eyes.

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  1. And the gif-makers of the Internet beheld the clip, and lo, they saw it was good, and the clip’s richness would yield from it many a good gif.

  2. I swear by face yoga, no duh. That’s the only thing keeping me from turning into a face soft taco.

  3. I can’t get the hang of it.

  4. I definitely just did this at my desk and I DEFINITELY got some looks from passers-by. Whatever, haters, I’m getting beauuuutiful!

  5. Hey, can I ask you all a question? This isn’t real, right? I mean, it seems like a skit to me, very subtle and dry, but I honestly can’t tell because I fell over last night in the bathroom and broke my Joke-D-Tekor 3000 a can’t afford to repair it.

  6. The Franco

    Yeah, I’ve already posted this today. But it’s universal, like all great art.

  7. This is Jacqueline’s smiling revenge.

  8. it works, my buccinators are so sore right now.

  9. The more glassy eyed and crazy the better.

  10. Oh man, I didn’t realize that there were some things videogum won’t let me post. Here’s pretty much what I commented-


  11. I prefer the Cher-endorsed face lift method. Tape.

  12. GOOP Headquarters must be pulling double shifts in order to get some coverage on this.

    “Insane new beauty trend? Stop the presses!”

  13. I had no idea that the people in the “Black Hole Sun” video were just exercising! Goodbye, adolescent nightmares!

  14. “If you move your facial muscles the way you would during, let’s say, oral sex, you exercise those muscles and stand to visibly reduce the signs of aging in your face.” -All men

  15. There’s no way this WASN’T directed by Tim and Eric. No freakin’ way.

  16. I don’t know how to express my feelings about this video in words, so I hope these symbols accurately convey my feelings:


  17. Did Tim & Eric direct this? Because this is definitely for your health.

  18. I swear, I thought it said “Yoda faces” at first. This was way more terrifying.

  19. TRIGGER WARNINGS: That last night of your weekend getaway in Amsterdam.

  20. Usually lies about science make me so angry, but these exercises seem like punishment enough for not understanding basic biology.

  21. At first I was like, Yogurt faces? What? How can you see their faces when they are IN the cup?


  22. The best way to exercise your face is to frown. All the time. Remember, it takes about 850 face muscles to frown, but only 3 or so measly face muscles to smile.

  23. OH man, WHOA, WHOO-BOY. I just died laughing. Then I watched it again from the corporeal and my spirit was guffawed back into my body. Too funny.

  24. I am at school, but imagine a gif of Quaid from Total Recall when he is exposed to the Martian atmosphere.

  25. arnold is also the mr. olympia of facial bodybuilding…

  26. Move over Growing Old with Dignity, now there’s Face Yoga!

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