Doesn’t this make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside? Now go make out with someone. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. The phrase “Kisses Super Cut” makes me uncomfortable. Kisses do cut. Too much.

    • The woman I loved gave me kisses,
      But then I found out she was a Mrs.
      My heart broke in two.
      Still I wouldn’t undo
      That one night’s incomparable blisses.

  2. Now I feel like crap.

  3. Does this count as making out with someone?

  4. A lot of pretend love in this video.

  5. Kiss supercut?

  6. Happy Valentine’s Monsters, here is a kiss for all of you, from me:


  7. Now seems like the right time to say that I am taking the time to smooch all of your avatars. I have my office door closed.

  8. Bah. DirtySpaceBoyfriend and I agree, Valentines day is a holiday for girls. (But we probably be kissing a lot today. Incidentally. Unrelated.)


  10. Kiss supercut?

  11. Every day I wish I was Robert Petrie:


  12. I went looking for images of making out with one’s own hand, but instead got this.

  13. I just put a TON of lip balm on. Bring it on, Monsters!

  14. There is just so much positivity on vgum today! I don’t know how to do this!

  15. Awww, R.I.P Pushing Daisies. Never forget.

  16. I best James Franco’s schedule just says “Me time” alllllll day today.

  17. Does this mean Best Kiss will be included as part of the EGOT? If so pucker up Monsters…

  18. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m buying this book for all my single friends this year.

    Just kidding. I’m nicer than that.

  19. Can I get a Purell supercut? I’m feeling a bit germy now.

  20. Here’s a special French Kissing version of my avatar for all of the people who were asking:


  21. veronica mars, firefly, was there a little helo in there?! NERD V-DAY!

  22. where is sayid? this was supposed to be a valentine from sayid!

  23. Valentine’s day is for weenies. Exhibit A:


  24. I broke my hand yesterday and a friend emailed me this.

    The same can be said about all of yall. Happy V-Day

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