What’s better than Zelda meets John Hughes? Trick question, class–you can’t name anything better! If only this were a real movie…

You’re welcome, Nerds!

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  1. Wow nightmare made an entire post just for LBT.

  2. I’m sure at this school one would have to move blocks around using strength Golden Gauntlets to reach a staircase to continue to the final exam.

    I bet that loser Sheik is still trying to use the hookshot to get there.

    What a Noob.

  3. “Pretty in Link”

    I should just die now.

  4. Now I’d like a Mario Bros directed by David Lynch:

    Mario: What kind of power-up do you like?
    Luigi: Super Mushroom.
    Mario: [shouting] Super Mushroom? Fuck that shit! Fire Flower!

  5. How many rupees is this going to cost me on Fandango?

  6. Can we please get a timetable of when new posts will be out? This topsy-turvy schedule of yours is really interfering with my work. How am I supposed to know when to forego my real-world responsibilites for Videogum updates? This is chaos!

  7. I love this and I love you for posting this.

    I could not find a bigger happy kermit flailing gif. But you all get the idea.

  8. This is my night mare:

  9. What’s better than Zelda meets John Hughes?

    Street Fighter meets Jean-Claude Van Damme, duh.

  10. Well. This certainly is interesting. Maybe I can find it at the shop for the next time the grandkids come over. It’s hard to tell what they might like, although I think it is no bad goal to be valedictorian. We didn’t have one, although I suppose it would have been Billy Everett. He was always reading, that one. Too clever by half if you ask me, but I don’t suppose you do.

    • Reading is better than playing these things. My daughter used to play videogames all the time as a child. I remember one Christmas we got her one of those systems, I think a Sega or something, and she used to spend hours and hours playing it. Her favorite game was one where you had to take this one block and make it go into a space and make a line disappear. When we would tell her it was time to stop playing the game she would throw a fight and cry and make a scene but finally she’d tire her self out and just lay down and fall asleep. One day, I got tired of how much she was playing it and I spilled water into it on purpose so that it wouldn’t work any more. At first there was no effect, but after a few days, the game started acting funny, the blocks were weird shapes and it made a strange sound and then finally, nothing but a blotchy screen and a low droning sound. She cried some, but I gave her some of her father’s books to read and it kept her quiet.

      • I can’t say I see the appeal, personally, but little Joey loves them, and I hope it is better for them than what happened to Lonnie and Joanne’s youngest. Now, I don’t think I am a fool and I certainly wasn’t born yesterday, people have had troubles since the dawn of time and will until the end, I suppose, but whatever he got into was real terrible. He had been such a handsome young man, but now I wouldn’t know him from Adam, and his teeth are in such a terrible way.

        • I knew a boy in high school whose teeth began to fall out. Right in class. Plop. Right onto his desk in the middle of World Civ. It was so strange. I remember him because he he took me to the homecoming dance the year before. I don’t know what happened to him, or his teeth. He just got up and walked out of class and never came back. One of his teeth had fallen on the floor and stayed in the same spot by the back wall for the rest of the school year.

    • When I go to my gran’s house for dinner,
      She tells me I’m a horrible sinner.
      Her insults have such bite
      I lose my appetite.
      If this goes on long, I’ll get much thinner.

      • I am sorry to hear this. You know, my mother would do the same thing to me sometimes. Just any little thing would set her off. It just was so impossible to live up to her standard all of the time. Everything was a sin to her. It seemed at times like the point wasn’t to not sin, but to keep accumulating sins so that you would always have something to strive against.

        I hope you don’t have to stay with her too much longer.

  11. Great, now it’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” in my head for the next seven hours…

  12. Was I the only one who immediately started whistling the Zelda theme song with them in the middle of their office?

  13. Link, Link, feeling the sink, he was dissed in the Hyrule, now he don’t know how to duel, Link is wiggin’. . . Link’s wiggin’ man, he’s wiggin’, he’s wiggin’ man, he’s wiggin

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  15. Dear Mr. Ganondorf: We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice half the residents of Hyrule for your nefarious plans, but we think you’re crazy for asking us who we think we are for trying to stop you: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a Hylian, and a Zora, and a Goron, and a Kokiri, and a Gerudo. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Hyrule Club.

  16. “Personally, I don’t think this is that clever or cool. Frankly, it is pretty dumb.” –Ganon

  17. I am so putting this on my Imaginationflix queue.

  18. Now if only M83 would do the soundtrack.

  19. I hear that if you go into the theater and then walk back out, jump in the air three times, then walk back into the theater while saying “EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME, PRINCESS,” you get to watch Breakfast Club.

  20. you guys, my son made this yesterday..

  21. I, very unsarcastically, love this.

  22. I love all of you for loving this and for posting it and for it existing and for general happiness.

  23. This post and the subsequent comments might be my favorite post and subsequent comments ever.

  24. This is just ridiculously good. Thanks for posting it.

  25. Looking forward to the sequel in college

  26. Many years ago, I tested Ocarina of Time…I should have seen then, sitting in my cubicle, controller in hand, bug log full, that being alone on Valentine’s Day would be an annual event.

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