I like the twinkle in your eye, my young ninja. In fact, I have come to a decision. Riley, in 37 years’ time, you have my permission to date my daughter. I’m sure by that time you’ll have your billion-dollar-a-year mini-dinosaur cloning corporation running smoothly, and my Oscar-winning director/President of the United States/chastity belt enthusiast daughter will appreciate having a sweet, father-approved time with a fine young man such yourself at the ice cream parlor. Have fun.

One note:
A Jurassic Park soundtrack, Riley? A bit on the nose, my friend. A bit on the nose.

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  1. Is this ice-cream parlour where your frozen brain will be stored?

    37 years? I’d say you’re being quite ambitious there.

  2. That child has an amazingly great accent.

  3. Paleontologist meets spoiled daddy’s girl? Sounds like we’ve already got the next generation’s Ross and Rachel!

  4. Little boys who are science enthusiasts are my favorite people.

  5. Faith in humanity restored

  6. The cool thing about this kid is everything.

  7. Would this be a good time to admit that I sing dinosaur songs to pre-school kids with song titles like “You Used to be Pangaea (but now you’re in continents)”?

    Yes it would: http://www.facebook.com/cretaceousquintet

  8. It’s going to get awkward when he hits puberty and the only dinosaur he wants to talk about is Exorbatusaurus, which means “I’m working my way through medical school lizard.”

  9. Your daughter’s going to date this kid? Clever girl…

  10. Fact: Pinacosaurus subsisted exclusively on rum, pineapple juice, and coconuts.

  11. Riley the Paleontologist, it just doesn’t have a ring to it. We need something for the people. Something everyone can relate to. Like… i don’t know, what’s a common last name? Jones! That’s it, Jones. Alright, we need that in tandem with something unusual, but hip… man, this is tough… Where you from, kid? Indiana? Indiana Jones? I LOVE IT, get Lucas on the phone!

  12. “Riley won’t stop going on about the correct way to pronounce ‘diplodocus’ and every time I call dad for advice, he just keeps talking about videogum again and how there was never enough gifs.” — werttrew’s daughter in 40 years, with her girlfriends while buying space shoes or whatever the hell they wear in the future.

  13. Hurray for outtakes! Look at ‘im! Gettin’ all tongue-tied and whatnot! ADORABLE!

  14. If he as a nerdy little dinosaur enthusiast can someday get a girl like Werttrew’s daughter, then I have hope for my life still.

  15. That’s your unborn daughter’s boyfriend.

  16. cute kid. too bad John Williams is going to sue him.

  17. My friend made a dinosaur song and music video. It’s pretty much the best. You should watch it. Actually, you should only watch dinosaur things today.


  18. Monsters and dinosaurs = best friends.

    Gabe doesn’t post about dinosaurs nearly enough. Advantage werttrew.

  19. I want to go back in time to when I was just a Gobblebaby who had dinosaur-themed birthday parties and sang a Stegosaurus song 24 hours a day, get her, and bring her back to now to be best friends with this boy.

  20. How did they get footage of me at age 8, and why was I from the South? Parents got some s’plainin’ to do.

  21. Adorable AND informative. It’s win-win! Good one, internet!

  22. I hate kids that know more about dinosaurs than I do.

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