It is just as famously Tweeted: in the future, everyone will be a meme for 15 blog posts. SUPERPOKE!

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  1. And thus, the meme train comes full circle…

  2. You can’t explain that.

  3. Ok, that was just WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much Bill O’Reilly in one place.

  4. Bill O’Reilly and the Moon sounds like a children’s book for the worst children.

  5. I hope this zombie looks sufficiently like Bill O’Reilly for this joke to work.

  6. I think Bill O’Reilly and ICP need to start a think tank.

    “Politics: how the fuck do they work?!”

  7. Magnets. How do they work?

    Miracle Magneto powers

  8. the point I was trying to make is that with this new meme its like Bill Oreilly will be embraced by Insane Clown Posse as one of their own ninjas or else get sued for plagiarist commentator memes

    • Of course you can, it was God.

      Oh no, wait, I meant to say “money and family connections.” BUT WHO MADE THOSE?

      • Meh, I am full of fail. I thought for two more seconds and remembered he’s from a relatively humble background. Revised explanation: It’s a Masters of Public Administration, one of those university cash cows that aren’t really a big deal. And yes I am a mindless hater, thank you for noticing.

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