You know who should win an Academy Award? ROGER EBERT. The 2011 Academy Awards air Sunday, February 27th!

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  1. I think he’s right on the biggies, except I think Christian Bale will pull it out for Best Supporting Actor.

  2. “You have to ask yourself what, precisely, the nominated “Toy Story 3” was adapting, apart from the continuing plight of the toys.”

    This guy is a champ.

  3. I love love love everything he does

  4. All joking aside, why hasn’t Roger Ebert won a lifetime achievement award yet? I just think the US government should give him one for outstanding performance in being awesome.

  5. Roger Ebert deserves the Oscar award for Worst Reason to hate on Zoolander (he hated it because 9/11)

  6. Fucking Academy. Of course King’s Speech will win everything. Then everyone will forget about it in two years while future generations will be watching Inception, Toy Story 3, Black Swan, Social Network and True Grit fifty years from now.

  7. I’ve had crushes on the best actor and best actress front-runners since I was young enough to call them crushes, so this should be a satisfying year for me.

    Also, almost everything nominated was fantastic this year.

  8. I’m usually pretty cynical about the Oscar Best Picture nominees, but despite having a bloated list of 10 again this year, I actually enjoyed all of them quite a bit. First time in forever they didn’t include a real dud in the mix.

    • My beef with the 10 nominations is that my hope with making it 10 nominations we might start to see some quality comedies and/or quality blockbuster movies nominated. No duds, but comedies can be brilliant as well, and there is such a thing as a quality blockbuster.

      • It has led to two token nominations already to Pixar. But really I think the expansion to 10 has been a ploy to include some more populist box office hits to get viewers interested (cough…Blind Side…cough), while there are still only 3-4 “serious films” on the list that have a shot.

    • They forgot to include the extended version of Avatar

  9. If there’s any justic in the world, The Social Network will win Best Picture. Also, Christian Bale will win Best Supporting actor, as he should. Fincher deserves best director, but Ebert may actually be right about that one and Hooper could get it.
    If any movie this year deserves to clean up, as Ebert seems to think The King’s Speech will, it’s The Social Network. It was just the best.

  10. Can I ask why everyone’s so all about The King’s Speech? I thought it was a fine movie, nice to watch, reasonably entertaining, but about as innovative as adding a little curry powder to chicken salad. No h8, just wondering if someone can explain it to me.

    • The Academy loves true stories about people overcoming adversity, why this and not The Fighter who knows? Maybe because David O’Russell is a jerk

      • The Academy especially loves true stories about the most privileged people who have ever lived overcoming adversity, I think. I’m sure kings have anxiety disorders, too, but no, my heart wasn’t really bleeding.

    • One thing I liked a lot was how crazy subtle it was. Like the way Rush’s Australian accent is a speech impediment that stops him from being a stage actor, and the way he tilts his head to glimpse the king’s audience at the end as if it could be his instead. That last look is going to stay with me. Up until then, I was like “When is the movie going to let him overcome his problems?” And then he never did. He was a brilliant actor with an audience of just one (the king). Kudos to this movie for not BSing me.

      • i agree hotspur. regarding rush, i honestly don’t remember seeing him in any other movies, but he blew me away in king’s speech. his audition scene was heartbreaking.

        i also really like it visually. in the way that you could pause royal tenenbaums and have a great photo, i felt that way about the framing of the shots in king’s speech.

    • This is how I feel about Slumdog Millionaire, although I guess The King’s Speech had less poop and eye gouging.

      • I should have said ‘This is ALSO how I feel’ because I’m agreeing with you. Okay.

      • To me, Slumdog Millionaire felt lazy. It just went for the jugular in every scene. Like, “If we turn the volume up to 11, the song will be better!” I liked King’s Speech because it was self-confident enough to play at 1 or 2 in some scenes and trust me to pay attention.

        I guess a person could argue that I’m an elitist jerk who loves being flattered and pandered to just as much as people who loved Slumdog. But the good thing about being an elitist jerk is that I can say with confidence, These people are wrong.

  11. If Christian Bale doesn’t win, i’ll be very upset. I don’t understand how he couldn’t. Young actors everywhere should look at that performance as an example of what the craft is. On par with Ledger’s Joker.

  12. Hailee Steinfeld sort of has to win Best Supporting, since she had 35 times the amount of acting to do than anyone else in her category. I do hope she wins, but it would be better if they’d just let her be tried as an adult.

  13. If anyone should win an Oscar, it’s Drummer Dog for his exceptional range.

  14. “A British historical drama about a brave man struggling to overcome a disability and then leading his people into World War II looks better to the academy than a cutting-edge portrait of hyperactive nerds.”

    haven’t seen the social network yet, but i think i’m on the academy’s side.

    and i hope ebert is right on his supporting actor/actress guesses.

  15. I think Ebert should host the Oscars.

  16. Well I don’t get why Christopher Nolan always gets the cold-shoulder from the Academy. He wasn’t even nominated for the Best Director category. And I thought Inception, The Dark Night and Memento were all very well done.

  17. Did any of you see Another Year? Because not only should it win for best original screenplay, it should have been nominated for best picture. It was great. So talky (critical analysis, I know).

  18. Does anyone know Roger Ebert’s track record for Oscar predictions? How often is he right? I have bets to place on Oscar night and I need all the inside information I can get.

    • He’s usually pretty right, even when he’s wrong. Also, MEETUP!!! So excited, AllStar Lanes is the best. Cake, I know you’re coming, but KajusX, Kel, Concert Addict, what about everyone else? I had to leave the last one early and I want MORE TIME

  19. “…it was this little English movie that didn’t really open in the United States, it was more successful in foreign countries. It was delightful.” – Some gray-haired lady walking by my office


    *in my head

  20. Zombie Gene Siskel’s predictions are for Gummo to win all the awards

  21. I FINALLY got my mom to watch Inception, which is weird because she loves all of Nolan’s other movies. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed the look of righteous indignation on her face when I told her that it didn’t even get a nomination for editing.

    BECAUSE RIGHT?! RIGHT?! Not even nominated. That movie would have been literally incomprehensible without its brilliant editing. Just boggled.

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