So, wait a second, the new X-Men is basically Mad Men but with more magic? YES, PLEASE! Also: Jennifer Lawrence? Stop robbing my dreams, Hollywood. I mean, you’re welcome to take whatever is there, mostly unrealistic IM chats that would never happen and concerns about being late to a generic airport, but please give me a percentage. At the very least, give me an Executive Producer credit. The point is: put this in my belly. (The cool thing about making references to the Fat Bastard character from the Austin Powers movies is that it ALWAYS works and it’s ALWAYS relevant. 2011!!!)

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  1. At least each actor had a chance to slowly turn toward the camera. I was worried.

    • It doesn’t seem fair that you get to be the first commenter AND that you’re comment was really funny. It’s like Donald Trump winning the lottery. Sure, it’s legal… but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  2. I’d see this. (See what I did there? You see.)

  3. Really, an entire movie to justify that Beast WAS in fact fighting for mutant rights before Wolverine had claws?

    • Well, you know how these franchises are always such sticklers for continuity.

      • Which if it were actually the case would mean Wolverine was fighting Nazis before Beast was even born. (comic logic hurts my head sometimes)

        • Uh yeah maybe… on Earth-295?!?!?!?!?

          • Guys, Guys. Settle down. Beast didn’t know how old Wolverine actually was when he said that. Had Beast known that Wolverine’s healing factor slows his aging down, he wouldn’t have said anything of the sort to Wolverine. He would’ve known Wolverine always had claws and is not younger than him, and would probably not have called Wolverine “boy.” Wolverine was definitely fighting nazis before Beast was born. #starsandgartersgum

  4. Yawn. More like X-Men: Business Class, amirite??

  5. Hopefully we’ll get a cameo from Baby Wolverine, just so they can establish that he’s been peeing on himself all his life, and it’s only recently come to light.

  6. Mad Men with more magic? Oh Gabe, keep dreamin’.

  7. No joke-o I am actually kind of excited for this? Something I never thought I would say after seeing X-Men: Origins. Wolverine and Sabretooth brothers??? NERD RAGE!!1!

    • I only saw the first two X-Men movies, know very little about the comics, am generally not a fan of the whole superhero genre and even I want to see this!

      Plus Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. She broke my heart in “Winter’s Bone”. I’m welling up just thinking about it. . . .

    • i don’t need to save my clone, muthafucka. i got seven kills nigga! oooohh!! snap i’m doin dis shit like sabretooth mutha fucka!!

  8. This movie looks Mag-neato!

  9. X-Men as a period drama? X-Men as a period drama.

    I hope the next movie is a ribald Victorian comedy of manners involving a shapeshifter, a fox hunt, and an impoverished noble.

  10. James McAvoy is like bacon to me. Put him on anything and I’ll eat it.
    I’m with you, Gabe! IN MY BELLY.

  11. I’m not hitting up the Lorryodeon for this one, guys!

  12. SR-71 vs submarine vs Magnetman=

  13. Needs more Russel Brand!

  14. I, for one, am happy to see no signs of Wolverine. Show me Cyclops and Havok in skinny ties! White Queen January Jones in skimpy 60′s minidress things! Hachi-machi!

  15. James McAvoy, stop being so hot.

  16. Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique?! Pardon me while I undress…

  17. Stop robbing my dreams and into my car just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  18. I mean, I will obviously be seeing this movie, but are our memories so short that we forget how painfully awful both the second AND third X-men movies were? Also can we please stop comparing everything to Mad Men?

  19. there has to be a way to get Famke Janssen into this movie somehow. dammit. I might just have to make a cut out and paste it on a Popsicle stick and just randomly hold it up and make it “walk” across the screen throughout the movie. continuity be damned, i want my famke!

  20. I will see this simply because of my own personal Videogum Michael Fassbender Promise.

  21. the title is really X-Men: First Class?

  22. I hope this is as good as Star Wars 1. It’s never a bad idea to do a prequel. Never.

  23. Before he was Professor X… he was Charles.

    Before he was Magneto… he RAPED HIS GIRLFRIEND.

  24. Before he was Professor Xavior he was Charles…
    Before he was Magneto…he was Erik…

    And they were in love….

    Why does my head make everything gay? It’s cause I use Gayhead & Shoulders, ladies.

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