HHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Sure! Although, I’m not quiiiiite sure what the takeaway is? People should stop having babies? Cool. I AM NO BABIES ON BOARD! I’m super anti-rape, and I think babies are kind of boring. They don’t know anything and can barely hold up their ends of a simple conversation. So if not having any more babies means an end to sexual violence against women, it is an imperfect solution that I definitely think we should all consider.By watching The Children of Men. On Blu Ray. MOVIE NIGHT! (Via AdFreak.)

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  1. Well, if you’d seen the butt hugging diaper she was wearing you’d know she was asking for it.

  2. Notsewfast has been really fresh lately.

  3. Is this the trailer for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo prequel?

  4. Are we sure that wasn’t a trailer for a movie about baby rapists (rapists that are babies)?

  5. You raped another girl? time out for 15 minutes this time

  6. The whole time I was like }:-{

  7. Sure, you try explaining rape to a baby. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

  8. Babies be rapin’ everybody out here.

  9. He’s also redundant.

  10. The baby is already booked for the Today Show.

  11. Ummm, super serial, what the fuck was the noise?!

  12. something something roethlisberger rape joke something baby

  13. If only Frank Lloyd Wrong had been here to teach that baby the danger of Mystery Butt!

  14. So is that baby gonna start for the Pittsburg Steelers?

  15. The high fives he gave to the other babies every time he finished breastfeeding should’ve been a warning sign.

  16. One’s a lawman who goes by the book, the other is a crazy wacky cartoon rabbit, and THEY BOTH RAPED THEIR GIRLFRIENDS. (That’s all I was getting out of this: Movie trailers with “raped their girlfriend” at the end. New party game?)

  17. Babies and fratboys just don’t understand the meaning of “No!”

  18. I was going to start campaigning for redefining traditional masculinity in an effort to curb violence against women.

    But now I’m too afraid to leave my house lest I be accosted by a swarm of violent baby rapists.

  19. Ugh, I could write an entire essay on all the things that are wrong with this commercial, but rather than hijack the thread with a feminist rant, I will simply present you with this JPEG of Daria looking unimpressed:

    • Just to clarify, that’s also a pic of her impressed, bored, tired, hungry, angry, etc.

      • no sarcasmo by the way. i could’ve made a little hipster mermaid baby rape joke. but whatever, we’ve all seen those before.

        other than the gotcha twist and all the uncomfortableness of the idea of a baby growing up to be a date-rapist, where did this ad go wrong?

        • I think those missteps are enough. They have a solid point, but the tone is nonsense, and showing a random baby is insane hilarity, rather than an older child in a situation where traditional, harmful masculinity is being imposed.

          • I’m with you that these missteps might make the psa inept and maybe basically useless

            it seemed like bluestockings might have had bigger philosophical problems, not just tone and un-intentional insane hilarity

            a certain tone was set in this thread cause Gabe pretended he didn’t get the point of this psa. nobody anywhere said, ‘awkward babyrapistjokes aside, the point of this ad is actually obvious and it’s a really good message.’

            I mean, I think that’s what I think about it.

          • Direct quote from someone on (the now admittedly awful Gawker):

            When my nephew was 3 months old I took him in for a set of his baby shots. After jamming needles into my mostly naked baby nephew’s thighs, who is crying his little heart out, she told him to, “be a man,” while she was cleaning up.
            I almost lunged across the table and strangled her.

            Shit starts in jean diapers, y’all.

      • I’m glad you said something. This site is usually hilarious but it’s kind of upsetting that some many people are comfortable making snarky comments about an anti-rape psa. The ad is pretty lame but it does seem like a genuine attempt to convey a message.

        There are a lot of digs on the NFL and Roethlisberger, but when someone makes a small effort to address that kind of awfulness and ya’ll use it as an excuse to make jokes about raping babies.

        There have to be more deserving targets.

  20. RAPE PREVENTION TIP #16: Always tightly grasp your car keys while walking through a parking lot at night. Because you never know when you’ll need to incapacitate a potential rapist by dangling something shiny in front of their face.

  21. Tough. Strong. Aggressive. Powerful.

    That could be ANY baby! How are we supposed to protect ourselves? He could be ANYWHERE!

  22. Of all the baby rapist jokes, this is my favorite baby rapist joke.

  23. That’s why I hate babies and love cats. But no, I don’t have like 30 of them. I swear.

  24. Whiny. Weak. Passive. Powerless. And he killed his hooker.

    It’s hard to raise babies! Most parents will never hit that sweet spot between girlfriend-raping and hooker-killing.

  25. I’m totally on board with Children of Men blu-ray movie night. When should I come over?…

    (P.S. I’m glad I caught this before submitting my comment, but at first I mistakenly typed “Children on Men.” Very inappropriate/yuck typo!)

  26. This kid’s mom is doing soooooo many #humblebrags right now.

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