Let’s all hop in our imaginary CARS and head UP! to the NEW YORK TIMES website to take a RATATOURILLE of the Pixar STUDIOS. (HUH?)

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  1. I know nothing about CNBC’s hour long look at Pixar that came out awhile ago and was more interesting. I definitely didn’t watch it twice and then permanently save it on my DVR right next to my Cash Cab episode. Only a nerd would do that.

  2. That studio looks INCREDIBLES!

  3. I wonder if Lee Unkrich ever has a day where he really doesn’t want to go to work and create magic

  4. where’s the room where the pull my heartstrings?

  5. Yeah, their office looks cool, but does it have FRENCH FRIES?!

    FLW wins again.

  6. (you were thinking it)

  7. Why was that everytime they cut to the “rec room” there was a different table added/changed? That just seemed off to me.

    Also, FLW….that settled whether or not I should go grab a snack. Thanks!

  8. is it legal yet to marry a film studio? i need to look into that.

  9. I am passing out upvotes left and right in here.

    Pixar even makes videogum comments more magical.

  10. I actually have a friend who’s interning there, so I could probably get a real life tour if I wanted to. #totesbragging #itsmybirthdayicanbragalliwant


    • I actually have been there, when I interviewed for a job I didn’t get (twice!). When the lights go out in their screening room, there is the sound of crickets, and little shooting stars on the ceiling. It’s neat.

      The fancy people have those nice offices with secret rooms and stuff, but I had a friend who worked in the “other building” across the street which was just standard cubicles at that time. So it’s not all magic and funtimes. Maybe these videos just make me bitter. Harumph.


  11. You guys should see the Videogum campus!

  12. Hey guys! Let’s take a tour of KajusX & Chainsaws Studios!!!

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