So, Trust is basically The Social Network, if The Social Network was a psycho-sexual drama and Mark Zuckerberg was played by Clive Owen and Facebook was an American Apparel ad? I think?

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  1. First Jennifer Aniston, now David Schwimmer, is this Friendsgum now?

  2. Great movie! I’m so glad I got to see it for free in its condensed form. Two thumbs BARF.

  3. Gabe, just had a moment to look at your math here and after an audit this looks like:

    (In The Bedroom + Taken) * (Catfish + American Beauty)/Barf

  4. This is why I’m raising my kids in a nice, safe, little box, veal-like.

  5. Why does Clive Owen have an aversion to starring in films with more than one word in the title?

  6. Yep, no children for me! That is, until the robots turn off all social networks and start judgment day.

  7. This is like the time Notsewfast lured a bunch of us to a monster meetup and turned out to be Gwyneth Paltrow, and then all our lives were destroyed.

    “He’s not the baby he said he was.”

  8. SPOILER ALERT: The guy just wants to sell her a couch.

  9. Alternate title, Children of Men Afraid Their Children Will Be Raped by Other Men

  10. Liam Neeson is all like, “Pssh, I did this movie first and it was like a billion times more kickass.”

  11. American Apparel: The Movie

  12. i kind of want to see this, but i already know how the story of my interest is going to play out.
    1) i don’t have enough information, i want to see this to know what happens
    2) new trailers, giving more away, i am less interested
    3) movie comes out, i debate
    4) someone i can’t stand mentions how great the movie is on facebook, i decide to wait for dvd
    5) more people say it wasn’t that good, i don’t bother renting it
    6) i’m home for xmas a year or two from now and it’s on tv, i watch because what else am i doing?


  14. looks terrible, yet…maybe things might be better if Dov Charney had a kid…


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