“It gets better.” (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. Does it, though?

  2. I wouldn’t hit that.

    (Because underage).

  3. I found another one, you guys.

  4. Do the Russell Shuffle.

  5. Wait, so who’s in here?

  6. Why so serious?

  7. When did Jennifer Lopez and a Frankenstein have a kid?

  8. Russel Brand didn’t go to “High School”

    He went to the Lorry Academy for Young Lorry’s

    Or Secondary School as we like to call it.

  9. Il Divo: The Early Years

  10. He was a bully, sure, but would the gang at comp Anawanna have been complete without Donkey Lips?

  11. Stay gold, Ponyboy.

  12. Donkeylips?

  13. I heard he was really upset when he got back from his Christmas vacation and his little brother (who they accidentally left behind) had completely destroyed his room.

  14. This man claims to have slept with over 1000 women.

  15. I can tell by that picture how much Smiths he used to listen to … and the answer is “all of it.”

  16. Yep. That’s high school, er, uh, secondary school.

  17. What a weird looking high school.

  18. He looks like he has a Make a wish Foundation disease.

  19. More like Teenage Nightmare, amirite?

  20. For real though, this just looks like Russel Brand in a Norbit-style fat suit.

  21. Not many people know this, Russel Brand asexually split in his early 20s, the result starred in a movie with him.

  22. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  23. Are those gauze pads stuffed in his mouth? He looks like he just had his wisdom teeth removed.

  24. He’s adorable.

    I’m not in a hater mood today. SO ENJOY EVERYONE WHILE THIS LASTS!

  25. Hey kids, do drugs!

  26. Whatever yo. I read “My Booky Wook” and I still have the hots for him. #truthgum

    • My friend gave me a free ticket to see him do stand-up a while ago and we had a fantastic time. He kissed my face and there is photo evidence and I actually think the photo is fun and cute. #RBtruthgum

  27. In the dictionary next to “Making Up For Lost Time.”

    Also, he looks there like the type of homeboy to keep a girl guessing as to where his Pi tattoo is (inner thigh).

  28. Whatever you guys, seeing this just makes feel better, because it means that even I could leave my bad high school experience behind me, become a midly talented comedian/actor and marry an international pop sensation.

  29. If THAT guy got Katy Perry, then maybe there’s hope for us all…

  30. Look everyone, I know this is terrible, and I LOVE HER, but can we just talk about this:

    and how they are like, twins, essentially?

  31. “My Cookie-wook”

  32. This explains so much.

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