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A: Yes.

Bonus Answer: Also Spike Lee.

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  1. Restoration status: FULLY RESTORED!

  2. Q: Was Justin Bieber wearing a cool bowtie during his premiere?

    A: No, bowties are never cool.

  3. Based on Stephen Baldwin’s expression, he has seen Zoolander one too many times.

  4. I heard Beiber would only let Stephen Baldwin come if he tattooed Justin’s face onto his back.

  5. “Wait a minute, you’re not Mel Gibson. Where the hell is the ‘Beaver’ premiere?”
    -Stephen Baldwin

  6. Spike Lee looks really pissed of that his son (is that his son?) is excited to be there.

  7. Anyone know what kind of tattoo he has?

  8. I’m starting to feel pretty certain that Stephen Baldwin is an alien, MIB-style. Doesn’t it look like his face skin is about to slough off?

  9. Gabe, some people just never say never.

  10. This is my favorite post ever.

  11. Come on Spike, we all know that Biebs is the pinnacle of white devil-ness and an Illuminati. Whatcha doing supporting that?

  12. Jungle Bieber

  13. img-hot-dog_183422638724.jpg


  15. I don’t know about The Biebs, but if I had to watch a giant version of myself in 3D for 2 hours, I’d probably lose a good portion of my sanity.

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