Larry the Cable Guy has a new show coming up on the History Channel (THE HISTORY CHANNEL) called Only In America in which he travels the country having hilarious adventures with REAL PEOPLE. Obviously, since we live in a gigantic country with all different kinds of people, at least one of them will be black or Asian or Hispanic, right? Someone a little bit not-white? Jewish? (I’m willing to accept Jewish at this point with this fucking thing. Give me SOMETHING to work with. I’m being nice!) See if you can spot him or her!

Well? Answers after the jump.

Haha. Right. Cool show, History Channel. Cool America, Only in America.

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  1. But did that guy consent??

  2. The Cows and the Horses were black.

  3. “How’d he get in there?” -Larry the Cable Guy

  4. “Why don’t any non-white people want to be on my show?”
    -Larry the Cable Guy

  5. “Perform that task until its completion!” – Larry the Hedge Fund Manager

  6. OK, but the entire demographic for the History Channel is people who collect Nazi memorabilia, so.

  7. “And also coming soon to The History Channel: ‘Europe in the Early Renaissance: A Critical Evaluation,’ hosted by Carlos Mencia and Carrot Top.”

  8. Hey, guys. We all came from the same hang-out spot in Africa (according to scientists cleverer than me (or so they say)).

    Let’s all get along my brothers and sisters (It’s not racist to say that is it?).

    • I’ve been to the part of Africa where we’re all from, and it’s nice! Sunny, banana trees, lions.
      Anyway, after this length of time (6,000 years, duh), I think some of us are probably just cousins at this point. (I’m trying to put some distance between Larry the Cable guy and me).

  9. “That’s racist right there, I don’t care who you are.”
    -Carry the Label guy

  10. The history channel is the one that said the Kennedys miniseries “isn’t fit for their channel’s brand” right?

  11. ENHANCE.

    Looks like you’re the racist one.

  12. “This should cover our bases.” – the History Channel

    • Earlier my roommate was all like, “Oh no, we could never have a white history month,” and I was all like, “Are you really going to be THAT GUY*?”

      *the guy who is racist

  13. ENHANCE.

    Looks like you’re the racist one.

  14. Today on the History Channel:

    Hitlerama 12PM – 1PM
    Naughty Nazis 1PM – 3PM
    Mussolini’s Magical Wonderland 3PM-4PM
    Stalin’s Secret Ice Cream Bunker 4-5PM
    Top Gear 5-6PM
    Larry the Cable Guy 6-7PM
    Goebbel’s Garage 7-8PM

  15. This is “Only in America” Gabe, not “Only in African-America”.

    I mean, c’mon.

  16. Wait, if he’s ON TV, then who’s hooking it up so we can see the show?

  17. Saw Larry on Leno a couple nights ago. stopped out of curiosity just to see how bad it would be. they riffed on the mcrib. comic gold.

  18. The History Channel: Proud to be (white) Americans

  19. “Git ‘er Done” is actually an anglicized version of the German phrase “Giet Herr Dun” which roughly translates to “White Is Right.” We should have seen this coming all along.

  20. More importantly, how come the show doesn’t feature any metro-sexuals like this guy:

  21. When he was talking about there being nothing good on TV, I can only imagine that he kept turning to reruns of Blue Collar Comedy.

  22. Larry the Cable Guy is only a character! This is like the Borat movie only it’s intended for people to laugh WITH them!

  23. RIP, History Channel

  24. The idea of Larry the Cable Guy crowd surfing is definitely in my Top 10 Ultimate Nightmares.

  25. Hahahahaha. Who was the body double they used when LTCB jumped into the crowd?

  26. Do you think he has to eat like shit to keep his figure?

  27. i hope this is not the last time we see the Fake Poor People tag. jk! i hope it is!

  28. To be fair to Larry the Cable Guy, white people are going to be history soon enough

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