There are two stories currently occupying everyone’s thoughts: Charlie Sheen’s continuing prostitute-and-drug-and-briefcase-fueled meltdown, and the political unrest in Egypt. These two stories are, of course, of absolutely equal importance, which is why they are being talked about in justifiably equal amounts. Did you know that Charlie Sheen is costing CBS MILLIONS DOLLARS? Jeez. Poor CBS, am I right? Obviously, all of our thoughts and prayers are with CBS during this difficult time. Meanwhile, something about Egypt, I don’t know. It’s hard to think about Egypt while CBS IS BURNING! It’s just hard to do the right thing in this world, you know? Like, when you are paying someone 1.7 million dollars per episode of a lazy TV show to wear the same silk bowling shirts he would wear anyways and you’ve known for years that he has an untreated drug addiction that manifests itself in extremely self-destructive and publicly humiliating behavior, what are you going to do? NOT pretend to ignore all of the very obvious problems while continuing to give him incredible amounts of the money he needs to fuel his downward spiral? Come on. Again: ALL of our thoughts and prayers are with CBS during this difficult time. Their stock was off over 2 percent!

Please feel free to discuss the situation in Egypt CBS in the comments, or you can post pictures of less usual baby animals. Hey, no kittens or puppies, THIS IS SERIOUS.

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  1. Something something Amish guy snow skiing?

  2. the world is a scary place, goodnight guys

  3. As we speak, Charlie Sheen is writing fan fiction about his meeting with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to discuss Sheen’s belief that all the unrest in Egypt was actually planned 500 years ago by the Illuminati.

    He is writing this letter in his own feces, but still, he makes some valid points.

    • I love that I’m the ONE guy that tried to make a lame Sheen/Egypt joke while everyone else went with the baby animals theme.

      I might as well just change my name to, “the hammer does not know how to post gifs is my penis.”

  4. Am I doing this right?

  5. I think this fits under all three.

  6. Well, a group of rioters attempted to hurt Anderson Cooper. I do not approve of that, so…


  7. I think we can all agree on one thing. Baby opossums love grapes:

  8. baby beavers! look at the tiny tails!

  9. Give peace a chance, Egypt.

    Stop giving Sheen chances, CBS.

  10. Sadly (or not), I know way more about Less Usual Animals that I do about Charlie Sheen or Egypt.

  11. I’m bringing out the big guns!

  12. Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Charlie Sheen scandal stinks:

  13. Even he feels bad for CBS

  14. oh, hello there

  15. I could post/look at pictures of baby animals, usual or otherwise, all day everyday. Here’s some baby foxes.

  16. Well I think it’s cute.

  17. Woolfchild!

  18. This guy’s got it covered.

  19. It’s important to keep your feet dry in this weather.

    • Well that’s just awful. That used to be an adorable baby pig wearing adorable red rain boots adorably,, but then it turned into this horrible thing. I’m so sorry everyone.

  20. Did I nail it? I nailed it.

  21. For lilbobbytables

  22. I’ts a cloned baby mule…and it is adorable!

  23. The new Two and a Half Men: Charlie Sheen, Mubarak, and Bill O’Reilly live in a space station on the moon and half to argue over which one is only half of a man.

    Also this:

  24. This is my cat. She died last night and I figured putting her here would be as honorable of a memorial as I could get. She enjoyed bags and Topher Grace.

  25. This is a baby Egyptian Tortoise:

  26. This baby is Charlie Sheen’s newest Porn Star and Cocaine Briefcase Wrangler. The necktie means he takes his job very seriously.

  27. Way late to this thread but I don’t give a care.
    Here are some cute animal babies:

  28. There is a word in Tagalog that roughly translates to ‘The irresistible urge to pinch someone because the object/person is so cute.’ That word-gigil- is what I feel towards all of these animals!!

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