I’m not going to say that I recommend going down the Univore rabbit hole because I don’t. I care about you too much! Although, I can’t recommend that you just go back to bed either. You know, because of the nightmares you would have now. Oh well. Let’s just sit here and wait until someone comes and helps us. (Thanks for the tip, @explainerguy.)

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  1. De Niro?

  2. I don’t think this is that scary. It’s just a man with drug teeth doing a vaguely European Michael McDonald impression.

  3. I started to go down the rabbit hole, but then I lost intere

  4. I have to hand it to the French, they know how to creep you out with class.

  5. See, now this is the Tim & Eric I can support.

    • I was going to say “this is the Tim & Eric I can get behind,” but I was afraid the internet would break from all of the TWSSs

  6. Of course it has Japanese subtitles….why wouldn’t it?

  7. The production value on this is unusually high… Then again, I’m also unusually high, so.

  8. Just tossing this question out here. How many takes did they do, meaning how many bottle of champagne did he drink? My guess is hes a professional, and he wanted to do it again, just to get it right.

  9. It’s this generation’s “Rock Me Amadeus.” And boy, do they deserve it.

  10. Oh no, the wind machine and the direction the clouds are moving in are opposite? Whatever, I shouldn’t be driving this car.

  11. 89 miles per hour is 1.21 liters of champagne is required for nightmaretime travel.

  12. His hair is blowing in the wrong direction.

  13. Finally, a drunk driving anthem for our Generation!

    • Incidentally, I always thought the chorus of “Jump Jive An’ Wail” by Brian Setzer went “Drunk drivin’ and then you wail” when I was a little kid and used to think it was irresponsible that there was a song about that.
      Kids are stupid.

  14. there is a crack rock in my trunk KNOWWHATIMSAYIN

  15. “I do not have a job.”

  16. 5:15 is not a moment too long for this song, but in fact a perfectly appropriate length.

  17. FAKE! His hair is blowing the opposite of the wind.

  18. While watching this video, I pulled a face that I’m sure I’ve never seen before. This video made my face ugly.

  19. Classic Chicago.

  20. I just accidentally reflexively envisioned myself being sexually intimate with this man. I don’t know why that happens when is see people like this. Ew, ew, ew.

  21. SO classy.

  22. If I were ever to DJ (I would want to be called DJ Arty Tooty), I would put this song on and say “Let’s get drunk, everybody!” I would be wildly unpopular, but unfairly so, I think.

  23. This may be the greatest thing ever. I love Univore.

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