Um, am I even allowed to talk about this? I’m not, right? There isn’t much that is off limits in this world anymore, but I think the rules are that I’m not allowed to say anything really about Tyler Perry movies, and also probably this movie. That’s OK! I’m not complaining. Trust me, there is PLENTY to talk about in this world without even brushing up against Tyler Perry movies. And who wants to go to Race Jail? Not me. (Grammar Jail on the other hand: total cake walk. I will take a bullet for Grammar Jail.) As far as this movie is concerned, it was directed by Paul Feig (creator of Freaks and Geeks) and produced by Judd Apatow (nemesis of Mark Brazill) and written by its star Kristen Wiig. Neat! Those are all great people. I’m not saying that if I was allowed to speak freely about this movie that I would say that it doesn’t look funny. I wouldn’t say that. It looks pretty farty I MEAN FUNNY. My point is just that there are too many talented people working on it, combined with the fact that it’s a “new” brand of “feminine comedy”* (that looks an AWFUL LOT like a well-worn brand of bro comedy), so I’m pretty sure I’m just supposed to keep my mouth shut. GIRL POWER! JUDD APATOW POWERFUL! Hahaha. What do you guys want to talk about instead? How about this? American democratic ideals should change its Facebook status to “they’re complicated”!

*See? I already messed up, because now someone is going to explain that we shouldn’t have to divide everything into “feminine comedies” and “bro comedies” and how that is the whole point of this movie is that if it’s “funny” then those kinds of distinctions shouldn’t matter anymore, even if the subject matter might be a fucking bridesmaids party which is kind of a pretty pointed piece of subject matter and so maybe those distinctions kind of do still matter but it’s not even that dramatic for them to still matter it’s just a fact of varying degrees of interest, because there are things that large numbers (not all) of women are more interested in than men and vice versa, it’s OK, we can embrace and celebrate those differences rather than worrying too much about them all the time. But then you kind of have to wonder why the movie that would maybe attempt to tear down those gender constructs has to do so by relying on jokes about farts and drugs and fucking and alcohol, which has been up until now the province of men? You could read it as saying “Hey, women find that stuff funny, too, it’s not just Magnolia cupcakes over here, boys. It’s time for us to take back the barf!” or you could read it as saying “The male dominated culture requires that for something to truly free itself from marginalization, the only thing it can do is accept, and reinforce the dominance of male culture to such an extent that it is actually still pretty fucking marginalized.” Uh oh. SEE? I TOLD YOU I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOVIE!
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  1. Um, Gabe, you posted this yesterday. Why are you reposting? Okay that’s weird all of yesterday’s posts are gone? Weird. Later, gotta get to Punxsutawney Square.

    • Watch out for that first comment. It’s a doooooozy!

    • Werrtrew? Hey, Werttrew! It’s me! Lawblog! Remember? Lascivious Lawblog? Lawblog the Lawdog? C’mon, buddy. Case Western High. Lawblog: I did the whistling belly-button trick at the high school talent show? Bing! Lawblog: got the shingles real bad senior year, almost didn’t graduate? Bing, again. Lawblog: I dated your sister Mary Pat a couple times until you told me not to anymore? Well?

    • I wake up early every Groundhog’s Day to watch this movie. it is the best. I learned to love it because my Dad loves it, but somehow none of my friends or co-workers have ever really heard of it.

      Anyway, it made me so happy to see this is all.

  2. Women drink and burp, too? They really ARE just like the rest of us!

  3. Hey, it’s Kristen Wiig! And Maya Rudolph! And… uh… that chick from Reno 911. Is that the chick from The Office? Wait, what? You lost me. Oh, it’s about a wedding? *yawn*

  4. My reaction to this:

    “Ugh. Ugh. Worst. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Worst. Ooh! Little Golden Retriever puppies. Ugh.Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Oh, hey Jon Hamm is in this nice, may be it won’t be so ba… oh, end on a burp/fart joke. Nevermind.”

  5. C’mon, Hollywood! Let’s get that Hangover money! But with more estrogen!

  6. The selling point of this movie is Jon Hamm. They should really play that up more, even if he’s only in the movie for 5 minutes!

  7. My wife and I were talking just last weekend about how it’s weird that there seems to be no female counterpart to the bro comedy, and she was saying how she’d be interested in such a movie. We went so far as to sketch a basic plot, and consider who we would cast (Mindy Kaling was involved).

    Now that we’ve been preempted, I’m going to start coming up with the sensitive dude counterpart to the traditional chick flick. Jesse Eisenberg will be involved.

  8. i was so excited that the snow canceled my gender analysis class today, and then i get to videogum, and have to think about the influences of the patriarchy. dammit. i thought i was free from feminism and allowed to just hang out in my pjs and not shower.

  9. I like how they turned the whole “guy getting hit in the balls” trope on its head by having a woman get hit in the breasts. Out of the box thinking right there.

  10. I think this looks funny. I like the at fat girl.

  11. But… ERIN is in it!

  12. One dollar from every ticket sold will be going to The Hangover.

  13. Call me when Mindy Kaling is involved. in a You’ve Got Mail scenario. I am so there.

  14. You’d think the people who created Lindsay Weir would have some idea of how to write compelling, realistic female characters by now.

    • i was a maid of honor a little bit ago… and the other women were insane. i feel like this movie is a kindred spirit for me, because if i told you about the bridesmaids you’d think i was making things up.

      • also, this trailer just felt spot on for me: i was horrified when i went online and read my list of “duties,” i had to drink a lot to get through it, i was the only single girl in the wedding party, everyone was a very different personality.
        plus, all sorts of fun/ridiculous things happened! two bridesmaids that refuse to be in the same room together? check. a fight over jewelry/hosiery? check. backing into a flowerbed on the way to the wedding? check. drama over the cake topper? you bet.

        sure there are stereotypes and hyperboles, but i’m totally going to go see this.

        • I’m glad I’m not alone, in a two year span I was the MOH in three different weddings. Fortunately only one of them was stressful but it was *super* stressful, so I’m looking forward to seeing something way crazier than the stuff I experienced.

        • I could listen to your bridesmaid tales all day, bird. I was dating a MOH (Maid Of Honor) and her MOHship was a staggering 15-month term. She got so caught up in insanity — a 31-year-old woman with a master’s degree! — and she complained to me EVERY DAY about it. A crazy story EVERY DAY. But that went like this:

          MOH GF: Her mom Fed-Exed a tablecloth and napkin to me because she’s demanding that I match the shower’s color scheme to the wedding’s. That’s unreasonable and she’s driving me crazy.
          ME: Yeah, she sounds kind of obsess–

          So, while I loved the stories — it was like hearing reports from an alien world — it also destroyed the relationship, and we broke up 5 weeks after the wedding. Which, btw, was the least fun wedding ever, because the bride, who I had also dated super-briefly 7 years earlier, told me the night before that she didn’t want me to be there, and on the day of the wedding my MOH GF went into meltdown over this, said I had to come and the bride would “deal,” and then all day long refused to speak to me, even though I went, because I expressed reservations about crossing the bride on what had been described by MOH for 15 months as “the one day in her life where whatever she wants, she’s going to get, and I promised her it’s going to be perfect.”

  15. I love Paul Feig. I love most of that cast. I love Jon Hamm. But does the first movie that’s supposed to usher in a new kind of “female comedy” (whatever that is) have to be about a bunch of women in a bridesmaid party? With a single female lead upon whom everyone looks with pity simply because she’s single? (Is that still a thing?) And do they have to be in bubblegum pink dresses on the poster? Yeesh.

  16. Always a barfmaid, never not barf.

  17. I think the ‘take back the barf’ analysis is the right one. Ladies be barfin’. Plus, I will definitely see this because I need more Clementine Johnson in my lyffe4eva!

  18. Am I going to get kicked off the boards forever for saying this looks kinda good? I mean, it doesn’t look great, but for a trailer with Bride in the title I didn’t find myself struggling to find a place to put all the barf that was coming up. Also, I laughed at a couple parts, just two, but I laughed.

    Also, I like everyone in the cast.

    • I won’t lie. I’ll probably see this movie, and I have the hateful suspicion that I won’t hate it. So if that gets us run out of Videogum on a rail at least we’ll be together.

      • I’m kind of with you guys…I got a few unexpected chuckles out of this one. The massive dress on that one chick was hilarious…kind of. I don’t know. I am PRO this movie.

  19. I’m not very eloquent on this subject matter but I admit there is something in this post that slightly bugs me. If a bachelorette party movie reminds you that gender “distinctions kind of do still matter” becaues the topic of the movie is “a pretty pointed piece of subject matter” than do movies about race car driving (talladega nights) or a bachelor party (the hangover) also remind you that gender distinctions still matter? Those seem to be fairly pointed subjects.

    Honestly, I’d appreciate other Monster’s thoughtful opinions about this.

    ps. if all of this doesn’t make sense, you can ignore me.

    • I think you’re right to ask that question. Gender distinctions are salient in life and amplified in movies/media, and especially in movies geared to wide audiences. I don’t see how either this movie or The Hangover attempts to bring anything interesting about gender or comedy into question, nor do I think they aim to. I think the comedy is pretty predictable and non-gender specific in a lot of ways.

      Gabe’s right in that it might be difficult to make a conclusion about what this movie might mean for gender/society (if that’s what he was saying). I don’t think this is a movie that even would try to tear down one gender construct even though it might be in a position to. Perhaps having traditionally male fart-eque jokes in a female-dominated movie eases the rape-soaked brains of frat boys into seeing that women can make them laugh. More than likely though, Bridesmaids will do for women what The Hangover did for men – nothing. But who cares?

      Also, someone still needs to make Clementine Johnson – The Movie is all I’m saying. I’ll be her stunt double (yes, there will be lots of daring feats in this movie).

  20. We already *had* a new kind of female comedy. It was called “The Sweetest Thing” and it had Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate doing a side-of-the-road striptease to “The Pina Colada Song” while Selma Blair had public sex with a guy in a mascot costume and it was MAJESTIC and the world REJECTED it because NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY.

  21. Of course a comedy with women protagonists had to be about WEDDINGS. Hollywood knows that is the only thing us women ever think about, right? You know, because we are worthless without men etcetera. Oh and thank goodness one of the girls isn’t skinny but round and she swears and farts and is just sooo unfeminine, you know, so we can identify with the other ones and laugh at HER. Haha. Also because we are women we remember to wear heels throughout the whole movie and skip in them in parking lots and scream because, duh, we lost control of our car; again. That’s just what we do.

    I barf in this movie’s general direction.

    • The same boring, mindless typecasting went into The Hangover though! And most other movies! It’s sort of like criticizing the makers of Jurassic Park for creating dinosaurs that were either violent or ate leaves. IT’S ALWAYS ONE OR THE OTHER WITH THOSE DINOSAURS, NEVER SHOWING THE COMPLEXITY OF THE OMNIVORES! It’s a Hollywood movie, not a gender studies paper.

      • i agree with you mainly because i’m envisioning fox mulder actually talking to me the huge hollywood conspiracy to craft general audience pleasers based on market research that takes race, class, and gender norms as a key start off point in order to create relatable comedies and dramas. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

        srsly, as a unlady like lady who has three weddings to attend this year (note to my friends: why the fuck couldn’t you like combine it all? so i only have to go to one? we’re all friends, you’re all basically inviting the same people, LEARN TO SHARE. i can only afford so many plane tickets!), i can actually relate to this movie. i’m going to get drunk. i’m going to be inappropriate. i probably will throw up, because as i get older i get less able to handle the amount of booze that i mistakenly think i can still guzzle. somebody’s older uncle is going to think i’m a lesbian because i got stoned and gave myself a mullet the other week. WHOOPS this is actually representative of my life!

      • I didn’t see The Hangover and I’m sure you’re right. I just like to complain about lazy writing and lame stereotypes.

        • I know. It sucks. I think we get so mad about it because we have so few movies to come out with A. a screenplay by female writers, B. a cast with a lot of ladies (who aren’t ALL sex objects or offensive stereotypes), C. comedy + women (see B). I’m come to the conclusion that 95% of the movies that get made are lazy and could deal in cleverness and wit rather than stereotypes and fart jokes. BUT, even though some aspects of this movie piss me off (Sookie from Gilmore Girls managed to charm me despite that horrible character, which says something about her comedic talent), I welcome the idea of having comedies geared toward women, containing women, and employing really funny women. Baby Mama was about babies (I happen to love babies but COME ON–where’s our Superbad?), but it also showcased Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. And again: women main characters, stories about women.

          The more visible these movies are (even if crappy at first), the more movies like can get made, and the more opportunity for great writers/directors/comedians to get a shot to make great movies. And less chance that every trailer containing a few women has to open up an extensive dialogue and can just be about the movie.

  22. Someone once tried to take a picture of me in a bridesmaid’s dress on the subway. I’m offended.

  23. So it’s basically just The Hangover aimed at women and also not very good?! It has its prerequisite “famous-enough” faces, and one Office castmate, so…….


  24. I look forward to the day when this is in constant reruns on basic cable and I can flip to it for about five minutes, hopefully catch on of the handful of good bits that will probably be in the movie, and then change the channel.

  25. It’s late in the day to revisit this post, but I don’t give a care. I was just over on Jezebel, and I found the headline from their post on this trailer amusing, mainly because of the difference in tone from this post and the ensuing comments. It was:

    “Bridesmaids Trailer Articulates The Weirdness Of Weddings”

    That is all.

  26. And the huge black dude smoking a pipe getting mistaken for a boyfriend…pretty funny! Provided he is there with no explanation.

  27. roy from the IT crowd is in this, its going to be his breakout movie

  28. Most “bro” comedies are half funny and half grooooaaaannn. This looks about the same. I don’t think it does anything for or against the so-called “feminine” comedy…just another movie I will see high when I’m bored and it’s too hot outside.

  29. I think this seems like a good, middle-of the road, gender-neutral (in that both men and women can laugh at the same parts for the same reasons), lighthearted casual date/married couple movie. You can only Netflix cable dramas so many times before the passion starts to die out, ya know. You got to mix up your entertainment forums to keep things fresh.

  30. It could be worse

  31. It could be… WORSE

    • i’m not doing this right, sorry folks

      • You just drop the image url into the text, apparently. No hard brackets, no angle brackets. It goes against everything you may know about computers and life and the internet, but that’s videogum. It’s a special place with special rules that everybody knows but you.

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  33. Oh, Chris O’Dowd. You will make me watch this movie because you are funny and your accent is pants-jizzingly awesome.

  34. As a Vagina, I would just like to say that this looks awful. But I did like the part with JonHamm.

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