You know how the New Yorker sells hard drives that contain every issue of the magazine ever published? This is like that but for the website “Dancing Alone to ‘Pony’”:

When we finally succeed in burning the Internet to the ground and it is no more, we will leave up only this video as a reminder of what it was. (Via TheHighDefinite.)

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  1. Well have you ever tried to get someone to dance to Pony WITH you? Easier said than done, my friend!

  2. I have Ginuwine love for this video

  3. Someone plays this video and a million of America’s interior decorators start crying out in unison.

  4. I like the chick on the rock next to the pond. Take it to the woods, people!

  5. The internet of today is about EFFICIENCY: saving time, cutting to the chase, eliminating the middle man and bringing the entertainment directly to your brain.

  6. Oh jeeeus. I was not expecting 3:04 at all.

  7. And here I thought we lived in a non-pony country.

  8. “Me.”
    - The Internet

  9. Keenan has just signed all of these dancers to his new label.

  10. Like I always say, there’s no one way to dance alone to “Pony.”

  11. Forget Skynet. I’m going after Logitech.

  12. This is what Monster Chat looks like every friday!

  13. I’ve always humped various kitchen appliances in silence because I could never think of an appropriate song to set the mood. Thanks to the fellow anonymous kitchen appliance humper in this video, I no longer have to hump in silence.

  14. Gabe, is that you ponying the dishwasher and refrigerator? I think it is…

  15. *sigh*

    I really do love the emerging e-culture of the internet. Humanity joined together to act like jackballs and have fun.

  16. Me: Ah, yikes, no! There’s some guy dressed like Buffalo Bill, complete with tucking.
    Boyfriend: Well, that seems unnecessary.
    Me: It’s better than if he hadn’t tucked.

    We’re lovely people, really. You’d like us..

  17. I have never, nor will I ever refer to it as “my pony”.

  18. I don’t like this ironically, I just like it.

  19. Is this a popular song right now? I’ve never heard it before. Lucky for me now, if I hear it again, the first thing I’ll think of is this video.

  20. I’m pretty sure if we just blared pony out all of our windows all the ice would melt.

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