What do you want me to say? Living legends.

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  1. Actually, “Living Legends” is EXACLTY what I wanted you to say. This “The Secret” system really works!

  2. SHRIMP?!?! WHITE WINE?!?!?

  3. Ted Danson is actually 6 inches tall

  4. Uh oh, “Living Legends” is my hypnosis trigger phrase. Don’t know what’s going to happen next.

  5. Weird does not = funny. Sometimes it does but they miss a lot and I’ve never seen these guys be funny in interview.

    • Funny… The Funny Clip of theirs that conan played was really Steve Brule (John C Reilly) doing it up.

    • I also think they miss quite a lot, but this is the first thing I’ve seen from them in a while that I’d call an unqualified success. What clinched it for me was the process of sidestepping up onto the stage. All worth it for that.

  6. I don’t think the audience get Tim and Eric.

  7. I, for one, hope my grandchildren will major in TIm and Eric studies at Neo-Harvard.

  8. I still feel like Tim & Eric conflict with your stance on ‘art that is bad on purpose.’ Sharing the sentiment that you expressed in your analysis of Machete, I have a hard time appreciating what these guys do.

  9. Hilarious dudes, lame interview premise and follow-through.

  10. SWEET BERRY WINE! God am I glad that was the lead in. FER YER WINE.

  11. I kind of wished they had been bumped in favor of a longer Amy Poehler interview. In fairness, though, I also wished the musical guest was bumped for Amy Poehler.

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  13. Did anyone else watch their Chrimbus special and completely lose their minds for at least 2 weeks? It was such a hilarious nightmare.

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