It’s so crazy how this guy does an amazing Michael Jackson impersonation but he’s just some stupid cab driver! Can you even believe it? When he first started singing I was like “oh here we go, this is going to be so stupid, look at his hat!” but then his voice was, like, really good at being someone else’s voice, and now I am going to cast him in a movie! Does anyone know, just in case, if he’s homeless or has ever been homeless? Asking for a marketing department. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. Holy Shit! That’s awesome! A cab driver, you say?

  2. Well, there is a job opening for the King of Pop, now.

    (Lowest rated comment! Lowest rated comment!)

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  4. To be fare, Jacko’s voice can drive people crazy.

  5. It’s good that he already has a job that involves transportation. That way, when the fame makes him go a little to heavy on the cachaca, he can drive himself to rehab.

  6. That was the worst Travis Bickle impression I’ve ever seen.

  7. Billie Jean não é minha amante
    As pessoas sempre me disseram para ter cuidado com o que fazer
    Durante quarenta dias e quarenta noites
    Mas quem resiste quando ela está na demanda
    Então, aceite meu grande conselho, lembre-se de sempre pensar duas vezes
    Cuidado com o que você faz Porque a mentira se torna verdade

    I think this roughly translates to, “I would like some açai juice, please”

  8. That’s nothing. My dog is putting the finishing touches on an album of Caetano Veloso covers.

  9. My question is, how did they figure this out? (I’m not saying it’s impossible–I once discovered that a cab driver was a huge Rod Stewart fan and then “Reason to Believe” came on the radio and we all sang out hearts out, so it can happen.) Does he have snapshots posted on his dashboard of him as an MJ impersonator? Is he known around town as the cab driver who sings Michael Jackson for tips? I must know.

  10. “Holy shit!… I mean, HE HEEEEE!!” – The Ghost of Jacko

  11. Decent, hard working American hobos: “They taking our jobs!”

  12. Don’t quit your night job.

  13. cash cab is jumping the shark hard

  14. I want in on the ground floor of this “Invisible Microphone/Voice Modulator” the cabbie seems to have invented

  15. What happened? All the replies disappeared!

  16. True story: Michael Jackson’s favorite snack food was vienna sausages

  17. This explains why Jordan Chandler claimed he had “a Brazilian”.

  18. I dunno, this guy is only about as good as pretty much every Japanese kid I’ve heard sing Michael Jackson.

    • Yeah, and there’s like, A MILLION Japanese kids. This guy doesn’t stand a chance.

      • Actually, due to drastically declining birth rates in Japan and the country’s complete unwillingness to revamp their outdated and frankly draconian immigration policies, I say this guy has a pretty fair shot! #bummergum #phdinjapanesestudiessayswhat?

        • Someone get me a Debbie Downer gif STAT!

        • I dunno about you, but I sort of find their intense immigration policies endearing. Then again, I find Putin’s attempt to non-ironically bring back the Cold War endearing also.

        • And hey, he’d have in with the Brazilian community in Japan to get himself started.

          • Oh man, one thing that’s really a lot of fun when you want to get your blood boiling is to listen to old Japanese people talk about how they’re okay with immigration…as long as the immigrants are all “returnee” Japanese from Brazil. Real progressive, Ojiisan…

            I do love how every so often while living in Japan I’d see someone just totally flouting Japanese social norms (in a way I think most Americans living in Japan are afraid to do) — like say blasting up-tempo music from your motorcycle’s speakers, in a residential area, at night — and realize that the people doing it were those same returnee Japanese. Those guys get all the thumbs up.

        • this commentator thread is frankly draconian

  19. That voice ain’t gold. That voice is PLATINUM.

  20. He does Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean? If he were a superhero, he would be The Current Man, and he would wield a magic sword called The Cutting Edge, and his secret headquarters would be in The Topical Rain Forest.

  21. This guy is the next Filipino Steve Perry. Seriously, the Jackson 5 can go on tour now!
    These guys know what I’m talking about.

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