People Magazine has a very cool headline today: Why Claire Danes Flies Coach. BOOM! Should I bookmark this story and put it in my “Favorites” folder? Probably. But let’s see the reasons first for why American actress Claire Danes flies coach. I can’t wait to find out why! I bet it’s a really exciting and interesting reason to match the excitement and interest in the original story. #Egypt.

It’s the only seat available.

WOWOWOOW! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, PEOPLE! So cool. Such a dope story. I wish this story was my dad. Hahahha. Put that in your briefcase and fuck it, Charlie Sheen! Let’s all move to Hollywood! (Via Whatevs.)

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  1. Hey, I fly coach, too! Celebrities really ARE just like the rest of us!

  2. Excellant.

  3. THIS ALSO JUST IN: Amanda Bynes just ate some yogurt because it was the only thing in the fridge.

  4. My So-Coached Life

  5. Coming next week: Claire Danes upskirts.

  6. “I get to shower in the hotel”
    Okay she’s not living in the sewer just yet

  7. I don’t know how many of you actually watched the Screen Actors Guild awards last night–because, really, why would you?–but NOT enough of a deal was made over the fact that Claire Danes, Winona Ryder, and Susan Sarandon were competing against each other in one category. If this still doesn’t seem significant to you, you were NOT an 8- to 13-year old girl in 1994 (probably why not enough of a deal was made over the fact). Anyway, Claire Danes won; she coached up all over the stage like a big coachy coach coach.

  8. clairely she’s embarrassed by the situation

  9. Claire Danes is why I feel a deep resentment for Jared Leto.

  10. Did someone say “Fly Coach”?

  11. People magazine is totally getting a Pulitzer for this, Gabe’s just envious that he didn’t write it first.

  12. Just because she flies coach doesn’t mean she also doesn’t fly first class and is also the pilot. Think outside the box, people:

  13. Not only that, People then revealed her reasons for flying in the first place: “To get to my destination”.

  14. When asked why she was off to see the Wizard, she responded, “Because of the wonderful things he does.”

  15. “I have to work tomorrow.” JUST LIKE EVERY– #unemployment

  16. “Fucking skinny bitch took my seat!” — Kevin Smith

  17. “I know, I know, I feel like I’m bragging now at this point.”

    Somebody in coach give this girl a rundown on what “bragging” means.

  18. Does Lisa Wilhoit fly coach too? I’m updating my slashfic.

  19. I find it so inspirational when glamorous movie stars like Claire Danes do the same things that little people do.

  20. Next thing you know, she’ll be slightly amused by the nonsensical and overpriced items in the Sky Mall catalog.

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