A brief explanation: Matt Hall was watching the NHL All-Star hockey game on Saturday for whatever reason, and he captured this moment. For some reason, they hired someone to hand crank a siren. Huh? As the man hand-cranks the siren, his face is overcome with a look of intense concentration. Meanwhile, keep your eye on the man drinking beer in the background, and also keep your eye on everyone in the background. You will see, it is just the whole thing all taken together. What a moment!

The absolute silence is fitting. That is how you hear God! (Thanks for the tip, Matt Hall.)

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  1. The last time I tried to hand crank a siren, she got really upset and locked herself in the haunted shipwreck all night.

  2. Well I’m speechless.

  3. I’m not the only one who cranks it to hockey I see

  4. This is pretty much what I imagine is going on in most complex machines to make them work.

  5. Ricky Fitts: “Forget that plastic bag in the wind bullshit. THIS is the most beautiful thing I have ever filmed.”

  6. And Alexander wept, for there were no more emotions to capture on film.

  7. It’s amazing how quickly that guy in the back goes from Beer-drinkin’ Joe to Jack Torrance to guy who suspiciously looks like my CPA.

  8. In hockey, as in life, the most interesting things happen on the sidelines.

  9. Christmas With The This Guy.

  10. i’ve watched this 4 times, trying to figure out what the guy is yelling. I still have no idea.

  11. The best part is the look of utter delight on the face of the octogenarian behind the siren cranker. Just after the beer-drinker yells, you can see the recognition on his face:

    “I can hear TWO somethings!”

  12. Oh, so THIS is hockey! I could definitely get into this. One question though: how do they score the sportspoints? By cranking the thing really fast?

  13. Trying to figure out the Pavlovian scenario that led to this; my best theory is: Every time a house burned down in his hometown, he was bitten by Don Knotts. 

  14. Gabe, why you always gotta be attacking the Crankheads like that?

  15. NHL? Are we in Canada or something?

  16. So i have season tickets to the hurricanes and sit LITERALLY directly above this. This was Sunday AND they do it before EACH home game. Guests have included Santa, local Radio DJs, famed Steelers Coach and CBS Analyst Bill Cowher, and MMA Fighters.

    • Upvoted solely for being a Canes season ticket holder. Southeast Division hockey love flourishes in some weird weird places.
      Also, I need to know – do they play the Scorpions at every game? If not, WHY NOT?

  17. Oh and if anyone is interested in who that is…it’s Glen Wesley, former Canes Defenseman who played for about 80 Quadrilion years.

    • You mean former Boston Bruins Defenseman Glen Wesley? He can’t be a Cane since the Canes don’t exist. Not until Hartford gets their rightful franchise back.

  18. Jason Statham movies have gotten a little too literal, you know?

  19. what a biutiful moment! i’m glad the video is silent because im sure someone would have made this video into an autotuned song

  20. THAT’S a fucking hat trick.


    This headline promised me hockey.

  22. Lol is that fucking Jimmy Kimmel???

  23. I want to hire all of the people in this video and make them recreate this for my sons bar mitzvah.

  24. My apologies if this is a large download.

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