Cats for sale! Hot cats for sale! If you live in the Winnipeg area and you have holes in your couch, now is the perfect time to buy a banjo cat!

I don’t think the kitty-making machine is the only machine that was left on overnight. Somebody check the benignly-crazy-person-who-isn’t-hurting-anyone-and-is-mildly-amusing-but-that-doesn’t-make-him-not-crazy machine, I bet it is overheating. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. I mean seriously though, buy 1 get 5 free is a really good deal, guys.

  2. Related videos: “Virtue the Cat Explains Her Departure”

  3. I plain just straight-up love this and would enjoy being friendly acquaintances with this guy.

    Also, I’d like an ugly cat please.

  4. How was this guy NOT in Guy Maddin’s “Winnipeg”? He seems like a no brainer, right?

  5. Would you get a cat from me? I would get a cat from me so hard.

    • Sure, i could have shopped this guys face on Buffalo Bill’s lady suit with a cat in each hand but I’ve been relying on jpegs too much lately. Lets keep our imaginations alive.

      • That’s a good point, Papes. We need to stop going to the well of the same old tired jokes, amirite? I mean, DING DONG, go to bed, old jokes. Tired jokes — 2010-2012. C’mon people, fresh jokes are this generation’s tired jokes. Unfortunately, we can’t build a time machine and go back and KILL HITLER and then fix our weak, tired jokes, but we can all just agree to dig a bit deeper and make some jokes that are

  6. For a second there, I thought I was still in the SNL post.

  7. I will take 100 cats, please.

  8. Awww! I find his enthusiasm really charming. I wish I cared enough about stray cats to run a shelter and then make ambitious, if mildly insane, advertisements! Thumbs up for this guy.

  9. Looks like he went to Michele Bachmann’s seminar, “Looking Into the Camera: A Beginner’s Guide.”

  10. Did anyone see Nick Kroll’s standup special this weekend? I’ve never heard my feelings on cats expressed in such a hilarious way.

    Having said that, I think this is a funny video, and I hope this guy cuts his hair and some cats find some forever homes.

  11. This is the first thing on Bing’s image search for “Kitty Midnight Madness”:

  12. This guy should replace Sarah McLachlan in those ASPCA commercials. I’ll take banjo music any day of the week over “In the arms of an angel oh my god I want to die those animals look so sad.”

  13. Lazy pussy joke, Gabe.

    Also, “cover your hole”, really?

    I nominate Synechode NY for TWMOAT.

  14. I kept waiting for the camera to pull back to reveal he’s in a big building labeled “The Internet”.

  15. His parents are so proud!

  16. “Scratch that, no trade-ins!”

    I’m a fan of this guy. I’m going to buy him some Hostess snack cakes and go talk cats with him for a while.

  17. DSN, watching this video at work with the sound turned off:

    “Awww… Awwwwww… Aww!… Ohhh, hes a cutie… Awwwww! Hahaha, oooooo… Awwww… Awwwwww!… D”awwwww…” (repeat for 2 minutes)

  18. What? No Kitlers?

  19. obviously the cat gets the rocking chair while the guy sits on the floor. this guy knows how to treat his cats.

  20. Did anyone tell Birdie about this? This would be one hell of a tatical strike.

    • “Look, no one hates cats more than I do, but I want to face cats on the street like, paw-to-paw, not see them destroyed in some shelter. Where’s the honor in that?”

  21. that is the best

  22. I’m from Winnipeg and I’m sick of that “Number 1 Son”‘s wacky antics. He usually just sells mattresses at low prices.

    Also, their was this cat from the Winnipeg Humain Society website I really thought about adopting. His name was Meatballs and he was fat and cross-eyed. Unfortunately someone snatched him up before I could.


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  23. Right next door, come get yourself a Child Clown!

  24. I like this guy, and I like his style. If I ever have a litter of ugly kittens to abandon in the cold of night, I’ll think of him and this crazy commercial…

  25. One fucking dog, please!

  26. No thanks on the new kitten smell.

  27. There is nothing about this advertisement that is not delightful except for the disappointing fact that I can’t dial them directly and have a box of fresh kittens delivered to my doorstep. I want to hang out with this guy and all his kittens all the time.

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